Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pendleton OR to Mountain Home ID

We spent the day on I84.  No navigational challenges for us.  It was a dreary day, at no time did we see the sun.  It was also cold and windy.  There’s some up/down on the route, but it’s not terrible.

This is amusing.  I love the ironing board strapped to the back of the ATV.




Even more gloomy.  Look at those clouds over the mountains.


This is an enormous concrete plant, Ashgrove Cement.  The rail line goes right in front of them.  One wonders if those cars are full of cement.


The sign is not kidding.


The rain started in earnest when we hit Nampa, ID. 


We’re back at the Mountain Home RV Resort, which I have previously reviewed.  I’ve updated that post to reflect current conditions.


  1. So does this mean most of the fires are out? I haven't heard anything on the news about them. It was 90 here yesterday and today it's 70. At least it's not raining. The ironing board is an interesting addition.

    1. I think they're out. We haven't seen any smoke.

  2. Ugh, the weather looks and sounds cold and dreary. I hope you'll be far enough south to enjoy some better conditions soon. We are in NC for doctor stuff and heading to my mother's in the western part of the state for a visit starting tomorrow. No RV -- we drove up in a rental car this time. It is still in the 80s here and very un-fall like, but we're so used to Florida temps it feels just fine to us. We will freeze if the temp goes below 70. Total wimps now! Safe travels to you and hope your new home in Tucson is in perfect shape to welcome you back!

  3. Yes, those railcars are full of cement..The whole mountain is made up of limestone and the are in the process of making mole-hills...If you didn't catch the exit name,it's the town name, Lime...