Monday, October 8, 2018

Lake Mead RV Village – Boulder City

We stayed at the Lake Mead RV Village at Boulder Beach, which is in the Lake Mead Recreation area.  It’s a concession run by a company whose name escapes me.  It’s quite a large RV park with full hook ups as well as a first come first serve more primitive area.  That area has a pay station and it’s cash only.

We were on site 803, which was a 100 foot pull through.  It was a very narrow pull through.  I offer these photos into evidence.  Coming in, Jim had to not hit that stump.  He didn’t.  Many sites have these stumps, I wish they would cut them closer to the ground.


Fortunately the curbing around the utilities had already been broken into pieces so we could move them away from the forward slide.  If your bays don’t travel with your slide, it’s not a problem for you.  It’s a little cramped working on the hook ups because of the curbing.


If I had done more research on the park (as in any), I would have asked for a lake view site.  They cost more, but you’re looking right at the water.  How cool would that be?


Interior roads are paved, sites where we were are gravel.  There is a concrete patio with a picnic table.  Power was good, water pressure was ok.  Water did not taste terrible after going through a Brita.  We had two to three bars of Verizon 4G.  It was usable, although a lot of blogger sites would time out trying to load.  There is laundry on site. No data on the restrooms.

The camp host leads you to your site.  He was very good at telling Jim where he needed to be on the site (did I mention it was narrow?). 

We enjoyed the RV park very much.  There are a lot of sight seeing helicopters during day, and they are some what annoying.  Air traffic into McCarran can be seen, but not heard too much.  It was so much better than anywhere we have stayed in Las Vegas and we would go back if we do this transit again.

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  1. "Coming in, Jim had to not hit that stump. He didn't." So...he did not not hit that stump? Or he did hit not that stump knot? I'm stumped.