Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Unbearable Windows 10

I’m on hour SIX configuring two, yes two, new laptops using the heinous Windows 10.  Jim had to go for a walk to escape the sounds of me grinding my teeth.

One thing that almost made me throw up was the discovery that Picasa is no longer stored in  They have it for Mac, but not Windows.  I found another place to go get it on the web.  Malwarebytes let it through, so I’m assuming my brand new pc is not infected.  So, hang on to this if you’re a Picasa fan and you think you’ll ever need another computer.  On the right side of the page is a pick for Windows, use that download method unless you actually know what Torrent is, which I don’t.

Updated 6/23/2018:  Scroll down when you get to this URL.  There is a big black page that says that you can't interact with the files, but you can.  Just scroll down and you will see this.


Picasa interacts differently with the Windows 10 file system than it did with 7 which is also making me crazy.  It has quit raining (again) maybe it’s time for a walk.

Updated 6/23/18:
I have found two more places with the Picasa installer.  Haven't tried either one, but for future reference here they are.
And a link. 

I think both of these links are pointing at the same downloader.
And a link.

Updated 3/15/19:   If you click on the second "and a link" it will take you to  The screen will say file type not supported.  Hit download anyway, it will download.  I don't know if it will be able to find picasa code or not.  I don't want to try it on this pc because I don't want to take any chances with my current software.  My password for Box (I downloaded and uploaded the loader to Box, in case it vanishes from here) is the round thing on the wall that I can see while typing.  Userid is my gmail account.


  1. I have enjoyed Windows 10, but then again, I bought a brand-new laptop with it pre-installed after breaking my previous all-in-one (tablet/laptop combo) while attempting to change the battery. I don't use Picasa, so I didn't have that issue, though I had a few initially; they've all settled down over time. Hang in there; it's very stable and secure once you get settled in. :-)

  2. I sympathize, Allison. Last year I bought a small Dell (wanting something more "portable") with 10 preinstalled. It didn't seem too bad, but over the next couple of weeks it became apparent it didn't have the oomph to handle Photoshop, Skype and some others so ended up being returned. I then lucked onto a Dell Latitude e6410 at NAU surplus in Flagstaff with Windows 7 (for $75.00) and was amazed (AMAZED I tell you!), at how much easier it was/is to navigate.