Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Atmospheric River of Water

It’s wet here!  It’s been raining since yesterday. There is a 5,000 mile atmospheric river of water coming towards the GPNW. You can read about it here at the Washington Post.  There is a picture of the river crossing the Pacific Ocean.  I’m not sure what those spikes are, I guess it’s where they stitched the images together. 

river of water

Anyway, we’ve had wind and as of this writing, we’re having rain of biblical proportions.  Tomorrow is supposed to be bad, Friday is supposed to be better.  Round two starts on Saturday and continues through Sunday; which is just PERFECT.  We’re planning on leaving on Sunday to head towards Harrisburg, OR for semi-annual maintenance. 

Jim is not yet 100%.  There is a question as to whether he’ll be able to attach the truck to the RV.  We may caravan to the RV park instead of towing the pick up.  I am thinking I don’t want to find out if we can hitch in the pouring rain.  The main thing is that we must get out of here!

Saturday we put all the tire covers and the grill and etc. away while they were dry.  Happy we are about that decision.  This is what lives in the tire covers.


There were several of these, and they all run really fast.


  1. Its wet here too as we 've just had the tail end of hurricane Ophelia, so I can appreciate the need to head for drier camping. That looks like a Fishing Spider, they like damp wet conditions.

  2. Reminds me of last October when the atmospheric river came through. Too bad it's not further south to quench those CA fires. Hope you can get away from it quickly!