Sunday, October 29, 2017

Premier RV Resort – Redding, CA

How you feel about this RV park (it would be a stretch to call it a resort) will depend on the size of your rig.  When I called and asked for a 65 foot pull through they told me no problem.  What they did not say was that the site has trees on both sides that really need to be trimmed up.  As far as I am concerned, not trimming trees is a cardinal sin for an RV park.

They do have some new super sites, if you’re a 40 foot class A towing a vehicle, you really want to be in the super sites and not in the older part of the RV park.  The road is wider, as are the sites, and there are no tall trees.

Streets in the old part of the park are paved and very narrow.  Sites are paved and very narrow.  Water pressure is good, power is good.  We have four bars of Verizon 4G, but it’s fairly slow.  No data on restrooms, laundry or park wifi.  There are picnic tables at each site.  Utilities are at the back of the site.  We had to use 25 feet of sewer hose to hook it up.

I kind of hated this park, trees that rub my RV just set me off.

The only way I would come back to this park is if I had a super site.  The older part of the park is too small and narrow for us, and I hate the trees.  Forget satellite, too many leaves.  Right now I’m so aggravated about the tree branches touching us, I’m not sure I’d come back, period.


See all of the trees?


The Durango RV park, which is in Red Bluff looked pretty good.  It's south of Redding, but it's not that far. 

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