Saturday, October 21, 2017

More Rain and Migrating South

We’re on storm number THREE!!!!!!!!  Yay!  It rained all last night, it rained most of today, and now it is pouring.  I am so hoping it won’t be pouring in the morning, that will suck so much.  Wet departures just put me in a bad mood for the entire day. 

There was some fall foliage to be seen in Issaquah.


Today the foothills were draped in clouds.


This was taken at about 1600 hours.  This is just the quintessential GPNW afternoon.  The air is full of water thrown up by the car tires, and from the rain.  It’s dark. The foothills are obscured by clouds.  The clouds were pretty much down on the ground.


This is our last night in Issaquah – tomorrow we begin the trek south.  Happy we are about that.