Saturday, October 28, 2017

Harrisburg, OR to Redding, CA

This is sort of a gruesome drive.  It was 335 miles, which is longer than we like to go.  Around Medford, there are four low passes, but they take time because we must control the speed downhill, and then climb up the hill.  The Siskiyou crossing is very tedious with long 6% descents and climbs.  As I have mentioned before, after Dunsmuir there is a lot of descending left to do.  There are some very sneaky corners and sharp unsigned descents.  Eternal vigilance must be maintained until one reaches Redding.

The first two hours were in the fog, really foggy.


Then the sun came out and it was better.  Here we have Mt. Shasta through the bug smeared windshield.


The southern migration has begun.  Tomorrow will be a longer day, but it will be flatter as we press on to Coalinga.


  1. Good to see you heading south. How is Jim doing with sitting for so long?

    1. Really, better than we had hoped he would do. Things take a little longer to do, but they're getting done, and I have not had to hook up the sewer hose. Yay!

  2. Getting caught up on your blog after my trip to NC. Glad to see you heading south and away from all that awful fog and rain. I guess it turned out that Jim was able to hook up the truck after all? That's good!