Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Follow Up With the Surgeon, Ikea and the DOE

We saw the surgeon today.  Overall it was a positive visit.  Jim has been thinking he should be farther along the recovery trail than he is, but the surgeon says he’s fine.  He’s still having some issues, but they should resolve in time.

These are today’s x-rays.  The surgeon says that the bone fusion is proceeding in a robust fashion.  I can’t see anything there, but then I never could read an x-ray.  If you look at the left picture just above the screws you can see the curvature of the spine that developed because the vertebrae degenerated more on the left than the right.  The picture on the right shows the magnificence of the plates and screws used to rebuild his pelvis in 2006.

jim xray

After the surgeon there was more Ikea walking.  There was an interesting article in the New York Times about designers doing upscale kitchen remodels.  To save money, they’re using the cabinet boxes from Ikea, and then fronting them with expensive doors and pulls.


We had a nosh in the cafeteria.  The number of children in there was astonishing.  It’s not surprising, it’s a kid friendly store. 


We now have new pillows for the couch.  Jim has pronounced them a great improvement over the old ones.  That’s where he sits.  I have a recliner, which is where I sit.


Here is a link to a Vanity Fair article about what’s happening at the Department of Energy.  It was written by Michael Lewis, who wrote The Blind Side and The Big Short. Things are rather dire.  Highly trained personnel are leaving in droves.  The proposed budget cuts funding for research and labs and cuts money to be used to secure the national power grid.  Did you know that Kevlar, GPS and atomic clocks are with us today because of DOE projects?  Currently there is a glacier of radioactive material running underground toward the Columbia River from the Hanford nuclear reservation.  There is concern in the department that money for clean up and mitigation will be cut.  It’s a fairly depressing, but extremely well written article.

Here is a darling picture from the internet.

leatherback turtle


  1. I know you’ve posted photos of Jim’s hardware before, but it’s still crazy to see all those pins and screws from his two procedures. Hope he continues healing well!
    P.s. I’m a total IKEA that place!

  2. Patience is the name of the game. Hard though when you want your body to repair itself like it did when you were in your 20s. Haven't been to IKEA in probably 20 years. That picture is fascinating but so gross looking.

  3. I agree with Nina. Those x-rays are really bizarre! Glad to hear the doctor thinks all is well.
    I like the new pillows.

  4. It sucks to be an active person recovering from surgery! Hang in there Jim...slow and steady does it...

  5. I'm so sorry, I didn't know about Jim's back surgery. Recovery takes a long time, as we know all too well. It's been nine months since Eric's heart surgery and we're back to's miraculous what the body can endure and recover from. Sending you our best wishes on your journey of healing.

  6. Love the new pillows! And although I am a huge fan of turtles, I could do without seeing the inside of their mouths...wowza! Glad the doc thinks Jim is healing up at a normal rate. I have very similar pelvis hardware...don't all the cool kids? ;-) :-)