Sunday, October 1, 2017

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy in Bellevue continues.  Walking there is so much more interesting than walking on a bike path that runs along a freeway.  We passed through the shoe department at Nordstrom on the way outside.  Are these shoes not adorable?  The shoes are sort of furry, much more so than suede.  I love the pom-poms.


We walked over to Cost Plus World Market.  They’re closing that store and moving out of downtown Bellevue.  Cost Plus was always a great place for weird food.  Fried herring anyone?


Delicacies from England.


We did three laps around the Bellevue city park. Each circuit is a half mile.  This photo was supposed to capture these two crows bathing, but instead I got them flying away.


The ducks love this place.  It’s sort of odd that there are no Canadian geese, just ducks.


Jim sitting on a park bench.  Note the long sleeved shirt and the fleece vest on the bench.  It was a cool and windy day.  It’s been sort of a tough week.  Jim has had bouts of nausea all week.  We’re not sure what is causing this.  We see the surgeon on Wednesday, and hopefully will be enlightened as to what happens next and how long it will take.


These are blooming in the RV park.  They come up in the fall.  Anyone know what they are?


Last night we had several episodes of heavy rain.  The storage bay was dry this morning.  It’s too early to declare victory, but one can always hope.


  1. How many hike could you do in those shoes?
    The flowers may be winter flowering Camellias?

    1. I could do zero, since I would be crippled in 45 seconds!

  2. As a Dane that fried herring actually looks delicious! But I'm not happy to hear about Jims nausea. It's been a wringer of a few months for you. I sure hope the surgeon has something positive to say. We'll keep our paws and fingers crossed for you.


  3. What boggles my mind is that people actually still wear shoes like that...but yes, they are cute!

    It's about time for a stretch of feeling really good for Jim...

  4. Those look like crocuses, but it's not the right time of year! Sorry Jim has been feeling poorly and hope you can get some answers on Wednesday. I can't imagine having a lifestyle where pom-pom high-heeled pumps would even be remotely useful! ;-)

    1. Oh, and "Spotted Dick Sponge" made me giggle! Those crazy Brits...!

  5. Those are autumn crocuses, sometimes called naked ladies (because the flowers emerge after the leaves have died back). :-)