Sunday, October 29, 2017

Redding to Coalinga, CA

Today's drive was straight down I5.  As I sit in my chair writing these words, I feel like someone has been hitting me with hammers.  With the exception of a short stretch of road near Stockton which was recently repaved; the freeway is breaking apart from Sacramento south.  There are deep holes in the pavement and the edges are crumbling in places.  The noise and banging is just debilitating.  I think next year we may go up over Santiam Pass and come south on a more eastern route.  Please make a note of this when trip planning in the future.

It's a very long, very uninteresting drive.  There's not much out here, so there aren't many places to stay.

We're staying at the Almond Tree RV Park, which I have previously reviewed.  The park is looking a little worse for wear.  The drought was tough on the grass.  It's still an ok place to stay, but is less visually appealing than it was.

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  1. It's "sad" how many of our roads are deteriorating. Interstate 40 across Tennessee and into Oklahoma is in such bad shape that it's worse than some gravel roads I've fact, so rough that it caused a spring in my tow bar to break. Too bad MAGA only seems to include roads that lead to war.