Thursday, October 5, 2017

More People

These three photos of apartments under construction are all of the same project.  We were in a part of Bellevue where we rarely go this afternoon and we saw this.  It’s enormous, they cover more ground than a city block.


Can you imagine what traffic is going to be like when all those people leave to go to work in the morning?  No streets have been built or widened.


Where do all of these people come from?  Seattle, Bellevue and Issaquah are all building apartments like there is no tomorrow.  Tucson is building like crazy.  Where do all of these people come from?  The birth rate is fairly flat, are they using 3-D printers to make people?


And here we have a frog riding a rhinoceros beetle.  I love the internet.



  1. Portland is building like crazy too...and they don't even have to provide parking! It seems they expect everyone to take public transit or ride bikes. It is crazy...that's why we hope to end up in a smaller city/town, say under 100,000. And on the outskirts of said town.

  2. It seems that there are more people everywhere, doesn't it? The amount of construction here in west Orange County, Florida is also astonishing. There's plenty of parking here but just too many cars and people! LOVE the froggie/beetle photo!

  3. At the risk of sounding racist, we honkies are about (maybe already?) to become the minority. According to recent statistics, Asians and Hispanics are in the majority. As you're likely aware, both cultures LOVE children and are quite comfortable living in close proximity. I'm surmisaling the cities are building for them, not us.