Thursday, April 20, 2017

Moab – RV Stuff and a Hike in William Grandstaff Canyon

Today started as an aggravating day, with the intrusion of reality into the travel season.  Our seven pin adapter is broken.  There are two winger things that align the door that holds the end of the electrical cable onto the back of the bus.  One is broken and now the door lists to the left.  The nightmare scenario is having the whole thing let go, and the electrical cable beats the front of the pickup truck.  We can’t leave Moab towing unless this is fixed.  The mobile RV guy didn’t show last night.  This morning we tracked him down in his shop.  We’re back on the schedule for tomorrow.  He does have the replacement part, and the screw pattern is the same as our current connector.  Having looked at the whole shebang, we are certain this is not something we want to install.

We did an excellent hike to the Morning Glory Natural Bridge.  It’s the 6th largest natural bridge in the US.  One walks through William Grandstaff Canyon.  This is the canyon formerly known as “Negro Bill”, named after an African American man who farmed in the canyon in the 1800s.  Apparently the first time the signs went up with the new name, they were promptly stolen.  The presence of water makes it very green, and the sound is pleasant, as well.


The bridge is enormous.  I took this from about a quarter of a mile away.  The bridge is dead center in the photo.


Once you get under it, it’s too big to capture.



It’s a really green area.


There are ten creek crossings.  Nine of them are no problem.  We did not like this one at all. The rock is very narrow across the top edge.


Jim wishes his right arm was longer than it is, so he could hang on to that rock.  We both made it across with dry feet.


More water.


As we were coming out of the canyon, there was a little weather in one direction.  The sun pierced the clouds and lit up the landscape.  I love Utah.  It’s the most spectacular place we have ever been.


Here are some more gratuitous red rock photos.



It was a really good hike, and an excellent antidote to our frustration with the RV and the current administration.


  1. I think a little time in Utah can heal (or at least make better) all sorts of woes! It is an awesome state!

  2. It seems like there is no political stability in many places, you have the Trump administration, we are in the throes of yet another election and the populist vote could change France.