Thursday, April 13, 2017

Driving from Chinle to Bluff, UT

Today we drove the RV from Holbrook to Bluff.  I previously wrote about driving Holbrook to Chinle.

As soon as you drive through Chinle, the road surface deteriorates.  Then, after the first grade it improved, having been recently been paved.  However, when AZ191 makes its sharp left turn, the road just goes to hell.  It’s nap of the earth and lumpy.  We have air bags and the bus was really rolling side to side.  The last eight miles before the Utah border were ridiculously bad.  Once you go into Utah, the road improves significantly.

The closer you get the Utah, the better it looks.  Our wind shield was covered in dead bugs, so picture quality is not great.



Jim said he would do the drive again.  If we slow down significantly, the rolling is not intolerable.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I am thinking we will not make it up that way this time, as we really want to have a decent length stay in eastern Washington, but we'll see how our trip calendar plays out. If there are some extra days in there, then maybe.