Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eagle View RV Resort

While in Fountain Hills we stayed at the Eagle View RV Resort.  It's not nearly as scenic as McDowell Mountain Park, but they do have full hookups.  This park is incredibly popular, and the lady at the desk said competition for space is increasing.  Some people have taken to paying for the entire year, even though they are not here in the summer.  The best sites (the ones on the row ends) have waiting lists.  There are three tiers of pricing, so ask what tier they're putting you in.  If you cancel a reservation, there is a $35 charge to do so; or you can leave your deposit as a credit for up to a year.
Sites 123 - 141 and 229-251 are labelled as "hard wired for internet."  I don't know what that means, exactly.  We're on 130 and the RV park wifi is useable.  Verizon gets about 3 bars of 4G.
The sites along the back row are very desirable, they back up to greenery.

The laundry is big.  The washers are all double sized front loaders.  They are $3 for a wash.

Showers look good, and appear to be frequently cleaned.  They are wheel chair accessible.

Sites are asphalt and are reasonably level.  We had to lift one side of the bus.  In between the sites is gravel, which they do not want you parking on or in.  The sites are short, we're having to park sideways across the asphalt, keeping the tires off the gravel.  There are no picnic tables.  Power and water pressure are good.

There is a small swimming pool and a hot tub.  Inside the office are books, tables and chairs.

We would come back here.  I've reserved two weeks in November.

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  1. The Winnie spent two holiday seasons in their storage lot across the street. Although it's not exactly a secured location mechanically, I felt good about the security there. The woman in the office (Sandy?) was very nice...