Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fountain Hills to Winslow, AZ

The drive from Fountain Hills to Holbrook was all on AZ-87.  From Fountain Hills to Payson, it's hilly, but it's four lanes.  There is a 4 mile 7% down grade in there somewhere.  It's hilly.  Up down Up down.

Once you go through Payson, the lanes narrow by a couple of feet, and 87 goes to being a two lane road.  There are precious few places to pull off, so be judicious with your coffee consumption.  The state rest stop was closed today.  There is a pullout just before Pine, and then in Pine you can pull off on the side of the main drag through town.
There are a lot of motorcyclists in Fountain Hills and parts north.  Riding and eating appear to be very popular.

There was some snow lingering.  The road surface on the two lane stretch of the road is good.  It doesn't toss the bus back and forth like some roads we've been on.  North of  Payson, the AZDOT stopped signing the descents.  There are some steep sneaky hills that appear with no warning. 

The road into Winslow. This area has definitely flattened out and de-treed itself.

Despite the 89 miles spent on a two lane road, Jim said he would do this route again.

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