Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bluff-The Elusive Recapture Pocket

Saturday morning we cleaned the windshields of the RV and the truck.  The truck is just covered in the fine coral colored dust that is everywhere in this part of Utah.  The bed of the truck is full of dust, the bikes are covered in dust.  Dust!  Everywhere there is dust.  Jim also removed the bug corpses from the nose of the RV.

After that we decided to go look for the Recapture Pocket.  I had glanced at the linked blog post earlier when we drove through a cloud of internet, but didn’t read all of the words.  The pictures looked interesting.  There is an area full of hoodoos.  It’s on our tourist map.  Do you think anything is marked on any road? No.


We took what we thought was a possible dirt road and followed it for awhile.


We saw a rock with a hole in it.


We saw scenic vistas.


However, we did not see these.  This photo was liberated from the internet.  So, we did not see this, and I think my level of interest is not high enough to drive down that dirt road again. 

recapture 1

Later that day we drove up to Blanding to get internet.  It was very interesting to see the number of businesses that were closed on Saturday for Easter weekend.  They’ll probably be taking up the sidewalks by this evening.

Other than this tale of missed sight seeing opportunities, I have nothing further to offer. 

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