Monday, April 17, 2017

Cottonwood RV Park

While we were in Bluff we stayed at the Cottonwood RV Park.  We were supposed to spend two weeks here in 2015, but then the fuel injector gave it up.  The lady who owns the park was so nice as we kept calling and saying it would be a few more days until we got there, and then we called and said we wouldn’t be there at all.  She’s also a tow truck driver, and I think she owns the Cottonwood Steak House.  She’s busy.

The view from the park is lovely.


The surfaces in the RV park are dirt with some gravel.  Sites are really long.  We did have to level a little, but it wasn’t much.  Power is good, water pressure is excellent.  No data on rest rooms or showers.  There is no onsite laundry.  It’s very quiet at night, 191 doesn’t have very much traffic on it.  Bluff is a Verizon 1X town.  We can make phone calls, but that’s it.  There is no data access with the mifi.  Park internet varies from being ok to you can’t connect with any of the routers.  Sometimes the laptop won’t see them at all.  Blanding has Verizon 4G if you absolutely must do something on-line.


This is the view in the late afternoon.


We really liked the park.  If we return to Bluff we would come back here.

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  1. Looks like a nice park. Not a big fan of areas without internet, but we've certainly been there, done that before. Sometimes it is worth it!