Saturday, April 8, 2017

Little Painted Desert and Standing on the Corner

This morning we went to see the Little Painted Desert Country Park.  It's interesting, Google Maps knows nothing of this park.  Each search would give us the Homolovi State Park.  Anyway, it's 11 miles north on AZ87.  Start looking for the dilapidated sign just after the microwave towers on the left.

It's just phenomenal.  If you're in Winslow, this is really worth seeing.

After the painted desert, we drove into Winslow.  This is a courtyard off the main street.

If you're in Winslow, you must have your picture taken here.

There is a new statue of Glenn Frey on the corner.  As Suzanne so succinctly reminded me in my last post, Frey was not the sole writer of "Take it Easy", it was co-written by him and Jackson Browne, and was on the Eagles' debut album.  To further add to my musical heresy, I'm not a fan.  There, I said it.

There is a cool old hotel in Winslow.  It backs up to the rail yard, and is an Amtrak stop.  La Posada is the Last Great Railroad Hotel built in 1929 by the Santa Fe Railway for the Fred Harvey Company.  We should have gone inside, but we were a little pressed for time, since we had to be off the site at noon.

We're under a high wind advisory.  Before we left this morning, we pulled the slides in, and happy we were about that.  By the time we returned it was very windy.


  1. The park looks gorgeous. I love the painted desert! We will go right through Winslow in our travels, in all likelihood. Did you happen to notice if there was any parking that would fit a motorhome?

    1. The Little Painted Desert Park is a road that goes around the edge. Pearl would easily make it up the road to the overlooks. You guys could either go to the various overlooks, or just park at the end of the road, and get out a couple of bikes. The road is somewhat washboarded so bikes might be better for Pearl's suspension.