Saturday, October 17, 2015

More Scenery, Fish and Ducks

Yesterday was a glorious day.  It was eerily warm for mid-October.  We took the road bikes out to Carnation Valley.  It's the first time I have ridden since mid-August, and I was predictably out of shape.  When we get back to Tucson, there are going to be twice a day workouts!  In addition to losing muscle, I have gained a little weight; this trend must be halted.
This is a good looking tree out on one of the valley roads.

The valley is cow heaven.  It's not too hot, it's not too cold.  Recently King County bought a defunct golf course from a group of developers.  They're selling it off to a dairy farmer at a huge loss.  They'll probably make it up selling developer credits generated by not building houses on a flood plain.

We went back out to the fish hatchery (we're running out of things to do), to see if any fish were jumping yet.  The guy that works in the gift shop said that the fish have  sort of congregated at the weir and aren't moving.  Generally when they open the gates to the fish ladders, they move up and out.  These guys must be really tired.

I got better pictures of the ducks today.

This was fascinating.  There is a tank of little fishies, with aerated water being pumped into the tank.  It's a big facility.  These are tiny fish, they're about three inches long.

They're leaping.  They're already leaping upstream at the water.  We did not know they would do that as babies.

Moss.  The northwest is full of moss, due to mass quantities of rain fall.

Jim has pulled up lame.  I have not taken him to the rendering plant just yet (kidding, just kidding), but his new job is to make his foot get better.  If you've been to physical therapy, you've probably had the electricity patches (TENS devices) put on the affected part.  You can buy those.  We got a small one at Walgreen's yesterday.  It's battery powered.  That, and rolling a water bottle full of frozen water under the arch seems to be helping.  We don't know if it's plantar fasciitis, or what.  It's been fairly painful and limiting in how much walking he can do.  As a veteran of terrible feet and multiple surgeries, I can attest to how frustrating it is to have limited mobility.


  1. I can commiserate with your out of shape on the bike feeling! When we rode in Moab the other day it was the first time on bikes in months AND the first time on true mtb trails in YEARS! The bumps felt enormous, every single one of them...but we made it w/o a single spill.

  2. Oh gosh, so sorry about Jim's injury. I can commiserate as I've gone from having a broken pinky toe on my left foot to a sore Achilles tendon on my right within a matter of weeks. Like you I've put on a few lbs., which I ate, and now I can't do my running, which for me helps the most with keeping my weight steady -- at least while we're living in a place where frequent cycling isn't happening. I hope Jim heals up quickly -- and me too!

  3. A golf course being turned into a farm--instead of the other way around? That makes me smile this morning. :)