Sunday, October 4, 2015

Salmon Days

Salmon Days was held this weekend.  It's a festival to celebrate the return of the salmon to the fish hatchery in Issaquah.  We went 19 years ago and it was a small, underwhelming collection of a few tents.  It has grown significantly in the mean time.  Jim and I are pretty sure that the older we get, the less we enjoy stuff like this.  Too many people, too much noise.
There was glass art.

There was metal art.  I can't say that this speaks to me.  The yellow one was $2,800.  The orange one in the back left was $3,700.  I'm thinking there are better uses for that much money.

Here is the salmon float.

There were several animal rescue organizations in attendance.  One lady had three adorable kittens that were sleeping through everything.  I had to walk away immediately.  The alpacas were also adorable.

The primary vendors were food.  Several streets were lined with food tents.

It's important to start your children off young with healthy eating habits.  Note the corn dogs and hot dogs on the stroller. 

I realize that I have lost touch with my culture, but this really leaves me stumped.  Why do people pin bushy tails to their pants?  What is the significance of this?

In addition to food, and arts and crafts, there were rides.

This is where they take your money and you can't win.

Of all the rides, this looked like the best.  The entire arm spins, and then each car also spins.  It was definitely generating the most screaming.

I'm glad we went, but I think we're good for another 19 years or so.

Jim rode out in the Carnation Valley today.  I did the 4 mile walk while he was gone.  That includes a 1 mile hill with a grade that ranges between 8 and 12%.  I'm not as fast as I was, but it's getting better.  Anyway, last week a private pilot crashed out by Fall City.  He lived, but ended up with compound fractures of his legs.  Looking at the cab of his plane, it's not surprising.  They removed the wings to get it on the flat bed.

Other than a fish festival and a downed airplane, I have nothing much to offer.  Tuesday is the return to the surgeon to see if the miracle occurred and the hole in my eardrum closed.


  1. That's the way I always feel when I go to the annual San Diego fair...that I just don't need to go for another SEVERAL/MANY years!

  2. I so agree - I just don't need or want or like the crowds anymore. I used to feel some excitement about being at those places but not anymore. As to the bushy tail - ????? Maybe she's practicing for Halloween?

  3. Love your commentaries and so agree. As for the tails, google "furries" (if you dare)! Good luck at the ear doc!