Saturday, October 31, 2015


While in Ely, we stayed at the Ely KOA.  If you have satellite, you want sites F23, F24 or F25.  There are many pesky trees here.  Our site looks directly at 93.  That's the view out of the windshield.
Interior roads and sites are gravel.  Utilities are pretty much in the middle of the site.  Water pressure is good, Verizon 4G has 4 bars.  Power is good.  No data on restrooms or laundry.  It's sort of a rustic looking park.  

Pesky trees.

It's not a wonderful RV park, but it's ok for a transit.  We would come back here.

Updated 5/20/18:

The park has gone downhill somewhat.  There are way more permanent residents and staff is not making them keep their sites looking nice.  The people next to us have stuff smeared all over the place.  The grounds don't look as good, either.
Cable TV is no longer available, apparently the provider bailed out of the entire county.
On the way out, there is a large hole on the side of the driveway.  If you didn't see it, and drove in to it, it would take a wrecker to get you out.
I don't know if we would come back here or not.

Updated 10/5/2018:

We really hate site F23, it's hard to get into.   F24, F25 and F26  are better.  They're more straight in than F23.
Verizon 4G is really slow, it's like watching paint dry.
There are more permanent residents than there were.

Updated 10/5/2019

We still really hate F23.  I asked for a different site, but this is what we got.
The giant pot hole is still next to the exit road.  They've put some white cones in front of it.  Fixing would be better.
4G is better than it has been.  It's going down to 25 tonight.


  1. We stay at the Prospector's Casino, Hotel and RV Park. Usually just an overnight and it's pretty cheap. Nothing to write home about but it works for the night.

  2. I am behind in my blog reading....just now catching up. It delights me to see you are on the move!!