Monday, October 5, 2015

Capitol Hill

Today no one was interested in doing the 4 mile hike.  I think we've done that enough for one year.  Instead, we parked in downtown Seattle and walked up to Capitol Hill.  It's an eclectic area of the city.  It's home to many of the LGBT citizens of Seattle, as well as the central community college.  Currently it's in transition from a fairly gritty area to less gritty.  Most of the new construction, and there is a lot of it, is fairly low.  Some of the old buildings are being kept and refurbished.

Dick's is a Seattle institution.  There is always a line.

This is a sign of the gentrification that's occurring in the area.  The store sells frozen entrees.  There are Indian, Thai and comfort food sections.  A single serving of basmati rice retails for $4.50.  Their prices are cheaper than eating out, but really, frozen rice?  We loved the cow.  That's real grass.

As you head out of the urban core, the old neighborhoods start.  This house sits up on the bluff and looks at Lake Union.  When Jim and I win Powerball, we'll be seeing if they would like to sell.  It's just a gorgeous old brick.

There are new condos on the street that were really nicely done.  They have nice little courtyards with splashing fountains.

Another cool old house.

Old and new.  The house on the right will be coming down.

We were both taken with the vines growing up the house and the palm trees.

I used the zoom to get the items on a table in their front window.  The phone is pretty cool.  If you look carefully on the right, there is an old family photograph.

Here we are going back down the hill towards the truck.  The area foreground is a transit center.

It was a nice change of walking area.  We got time on our feet and hill climbing.  The weather was just perfect, topping out in the low 70's with sun. Sun! Sun in October.  That never happens.


  1. I do love walking the fabulous old neighborhoods in a big city, this one looks lovely.

    Good luck at your appointment today...

  2. I like that you spied in the window of that house with the zoom :-)