Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wild Horse Casino and RV Resort

While in Pendleton, OR, we stayed at the Wild Horse Casino and RV Resort.  It's an ok park.  There are no pesky over hanging trees to interfere with the satellite.
We are on a 50 amp pull through site.  It's level enough that we did not use the HWH leveling system.  It's not perfectly level, but it's tolerable.  One knock on the site is how far back the sewer is.  We did not want to unhook the truck so the RV is forward in the site; we would need more sewer hose than we own to be able to set a sewer. 
Power is good, water pressure is good.  Verizon 4G is weak.  Loading anything with a lot of graphics is like watching paint dry.  Interior streets and sites are asphalt.  No data on restrooms or laundry facilities.

The tall building in the way back center of the picture is the casino.  They do run a shuttle if you want to go there and leave the driving to someone else.

This is an ok place to stay.  There's not a lot to choose from in Pendleton.

Update October 3, 2018.

I think the place is looking a little worse for wear.  Jim thinks it always looked bad.  The asphalt on the sites is dented and breaking up a little.  This time we're on site 31 which had two sewers instead of just the one in the back.  It's only 60 feet, and we're 65 feet when towing the pick up so we unhooked.  The 4G seems to be better than it was. It's still not a terrible place to stay.


  1. I know you are so happy to be on the road again. Good news on the ear, too! Hope you're planning to come to McDowell sometime. We are having a great time biking here.

  2. Your crummy internet service could be a lot worse. 4G? What's that? We lucky to get 1G out here where we live!

    We're hoping to spend a year traveling with a travel trailer in a few years. I'm enjoying following along with you all, and learning.

  3. Sounds like the internet we are dealing with in Camp Verde...

  4. Glad you are on the move and that your eardrum appears to be healing well. Crossing fingers on that! When we spent last summer in Walla Walla, Barry biked down to Pendleton one day, or should I say, biked up and down...LOTS of hills between the two towns! Why did he do this? Well in addition to having fun riding an unofficial century, P-ton was where the closest Wells Fargo was, and that's where we bank. Cash was needed. :-)