Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rain and Thinking about Leaving

Aaarrgggghhhhh.  We’re under a high wind warning (which hasn’t materialized here) and the rain is incessant.  Radar hasn’t changed much over the past few hours.


We’re still having the discussion of should we stay or should we go.  I guess when we see the surgeon week after next, I’m going to made it more clear that we have to leave.  We’ve talked about driving back from Tucson for follow up, but that’s 3,000 miles round trip.  We gotta go!  Many of our cabinet doors will not close anymore because they’re so full of water from the damp air.  I’ve booked a plan B appointment with an ENT surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix mid November.  One wonders how difficult could it be to remove a paper patch and see if the hole is closed.  He does do the fat plug procedure in the office.  The downside to the Mayo is that they book out so far, so one wonders how good they are for after care.  I have no data.  We went once to see a heart guy, who was not impressive, and haven’t been back.

Jim is slowly adjusting to hearing aids.  They’re not a perfect solution.  The sound is not true to life, it’s definitely artificial.  They have the downside of hearing too much.  Things like road noise from the truck tires, squeaking wheels on a grocery cart, or bugs are now audible.  Since my left ear hearing has improved, I hear more freeway noise and the fans on the refrigerator. Hearing loss does smooth out the cacophony of daily living.


We had camellia blossoms next door for awhile.  The rain has pretty much finished them off.  I didn’t know they would grow here.  That’s all I have.  We’re still here, we’re bored spitless, but things are fine.

Later that same day..... Red means rain of biblical proportions.

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