Saturday, October 31, 2015

Twin Falls, ID to Ely, NV

Today was a much shorter drive than yesterday.  It was really windy all day.  Last night we were in the Central time zone, today we went back to Pacific Daylight Savings, tomorrow we'll be off daylight saving time.  We're not sure what time it is.
Today was an unusual route for us.  We generally try not to be out completely in the middle of nowhere.  We spent the day on highway 93.  Part of 93 is dual signed with 50, which is the loneliest road in America.  Indeed it is.  The other name of 93 is the Great Basin Highway.  It's the most direct route from Twin Falls to Las Vegas, but it is OUT there.  There is not a lot of cell coverage.  So far it's been a great drive.  The road surface has been good, and there is not a lot of traffic.  It's two lanes with some passing lanes.

We got diesel twice today.  When driving out in the middle of nowhere, it's good to have fuel.  In Wells, NV; I80 crosses 93 and there are truck plazas there.  In Ely, at the corner of 93 and 6, there is a Shell.  It's not a truck plaza, but the outside pumps were accessible to us.  So, we're good now until Las Vegas.  Tomorrow we'll be on 318 which is even more deserted than 93.

Update to post:  About a mile south of the intersection of 93 and 6, there is a Chevron.  In the back of the station there are real truck pumps.  Ingress and egress look to be way easier than at the Shell.