Thursday, October 29, 2015

Issaquah to Pendleton, OR

We left this morning!  We're actually gone from the Issaquah microclimate.  Now we're in Pendleton, Oregon where it's incredibly windy.  This is a really blurry terrible picture, taken out of the side window of the bus.  See all that brown out there?  That's the bottom of Keechelus Lake, just east of Issaquah.  There should be water in that lake, now there is vegetation.  They got drought.

Much of today's route had heavy fog.  We were in it for quite a bit, sometimes with visibility of about two feet.  Really.  It was thick in places.

Eventually we broke out into blue skies and lots of wind.

The pointy thing in the middle of the photo is a Very High Frequency Omnirange, aka a VOR.  Pilot humor refers to these as a "VOR house."  VOR rhymes with "lady of the night." The VOR is an aid to aircraft navigation. 

We made really good time today.  So good, that we were driving along thinking we should have maybe tried for more miles.  Talk about the kiss of death!  Five seconds after that conversation Jim looked at the passenger side mirror and noticed that the awning was in the process of unrolling itself.  We pulled over and stopped.  We extended the awning and then retracted it, but it did not completely close, probably due to being on the edge of the road.  Fortunately we have an eight foot ladder, so Jim was able to get to the top of the arms and bang on them, causing the awning to close.  So that was the excitement for today.  Hopefully this will not be an issue on anymore of the travel days.
We had a little sunset, not as good as Arizona, but better than Issaquah.

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  1. Kind of a weird travel day for sure! Thick fog is scary to drive through, I can't imagine doing it in an RV! Fingers crossed that is the last of the awning unfurling while driving!