Saturday, October 31, 2015

Twin Falls 93 RV Park

While in Twin Falls we stayed at the Twin Falls 93 RV Park.  If you're continuing south on 93, this is a good place to stay.  It gets you south of Twin Falls and on the way to your next destination.
It's an ok park for a transit.  The lady who works the desk is very nice.  She has an adorable chihuahua, wearing a sweater.  She and the dog lead you to your site. Our site was not really long enough to leave the truck attached to the RV, but we did it anyway.  We were not the only people extending slightly into the road.  There are many stockyards in the area.  When the wind is right, you can smell them.
Water pressure is very low.  We had to turn the water pump on in order for me to rinse my hair in the shower.  Verizon 4G was good.  Power is good.  Sites are not totally level, we had to use the HWH.  Interior streets and sites are gravel.  Sites are really narrow.

It's not a spectacular park, but it's right on 93 and easy to get in and out of.

Updated 5/20/2018:

This park has spent a ton of money putting in a lot of "big rig" pull throughs.  I'd give them an A for effort and a C for execution.  The sites really need to be slightly longer and wider.  They put in concrete curbs on each side, and one of our slides is over the curb.  If we had to do much leveling, we'd have to move to get the slide away from the curb.  My biggest complaint about the sites is the location of the sewers.  They're at the very back of the site.  For a Class A with a toad, that's a problem.  We've got 20 feet of sewer out and we're extending slightly into the road with the truck.
They've outsourced their wifi to a third party vendor.  I can't figure out how to log on to the free service.  It rejects my userid, my password, everything.  That must be why it's free.
We can still smell animal manure.  It's very agricultural.
I suppose we would come back here.

Updated October 4, 2019

We're in a big rig site again, number 38.  Jim parked on the far left of the site to move the big slide out away from the curb; so there were no issues with hitting the curb with the slide if a lot of leveling was required.  However, we can't open the driver's side bays without hitting the power pedestal, which is annoying.  We did unhook the truck from the RV which made getting to the sewer possible with 15 feet of hose. Water pressure is good.  The park wifi is worthless, it's worse than watching your hair grow.  The 4G is good.  Despite all of my complaining, we would come back.

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