Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ely to Las Vegas, NV

This morning we left the Ely KOA and went north on 93 to get back up to US 6.   After driving 20 some odd miles on 6, we hit 318.  US 6, as you no doubt remember starts in Bishop, and is also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway.  I love that.

Taking 318 is a good way to go.  It decreases distance to Las Vegas, and cuts off two passes that one must climb and descend on 93.  In addition to being a good way to drive south, 318 is the home of the Silver State Classic Challenge.  In September, 90 miles of the road are closed for racing on the road.  What a concept.  Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed, due to the dangerous nature of people driving their cars really fast on an open road.

There is a whole lot of nothing out there.  Here we are still in the Great Basin.  There are many miles where there is zero cell coverage.  If you're going to use a smart phone for GPS, make sure you load maps for the day, prior to heading out into the great wide open.

The road did go through some low hills, which were a nice diversion.

We are so happy to be out of the GPNW.  This is what happened yesterday.

Tomorrow will be a longish day, we are up and out to Gila Bend,  AZ. 

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