Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Proof of Concept

Much of today was spent in the car.  First we had to take the bikes to the shop where we bought them to loosen up the through axles on both bikes' front wheels.  We also had them take the pedals off my bike.  The shop that assembled my bike seemed to delight in frustrating the new owner by putting things on with excessive force.  Jim wanted to know who makes a good bicycle torque wrench.  Giant does.  However, the store we were in did not have them in stock.  They got a different one in stock several hours later, so we went back to buy it.  However, upon arrival, they told us the downtown store had just gotten a Giant shipment, had the set Jim really wanted, so we went there.  The bike frames are carbon, every single place that something can be torqued, like the seat post clamp, has a torque setting written on it.  Carbon can be fragile if you over torque it.   Through axles don't count because they clamp to each other, not the frame.

Anyway, is this not lovely?

On the way to the shop, we saw this guy.  It's 24F, there's snow and ice in places.  He was riding close to 20 mph.  He is way tougher that I ever was.

Why are we so hard over on the bikes being inside on the transit to Tucson, you wonder?  Because we have three days of driving in areas where it snows, and they put down sand and salt.  Having the bikes on an exterior rack would result in arriving AZ with two bikes with rusty chains, rusty brake rotors and pitted paint.  These are all bad things.  As I previously mentioned, we really don't want to tow a trailer.  Today we were finally able to get the wheels off and see if the bikes will fit cross ways in the car.  They'll be stacked on top of each other, with the wheels in wheel bags on top of the stack.  I think we've got enough room for clothing, since it's all going in garbage bags, which will provide peak volumetric efficiency.

It was good that we got all of the driving done today. There is a big storm off the Pacific coming in bringing lots of water.  Spokane is pretty cold due to the air coming in from the Arctic.  When the storm gets here, it will make snow. The talking weather heads are making this out to be the storm of the century, but that's what they like to do.

From now until we leave, most of my head space is going to be consumed with packing.  It will make for boring posts, but I'm documenting the process in case we do this again.


  1. Well I'm glad you got the wheels sorted. I know you'll be glad to get on the road to a warmer place!

  2. I'm happy to hear you were able to get the bicycle issues resolved. I can understand wanting to keep them out of the elements on the drive south.
    Good luck with the packing!

  3. Oh, I see now about the bikes. I hate packing to go somewhere. What do I take, what do I leave.

  4. This is why I like to travel in the MH.... I just take it all!

    1. Yeah, we remember those days. That's what we did, we took it all!

  5. That makes sense about the bikes being inside! I hadn't thought about that. I'm not looking forward to getting hit with snow. :( It shouldn't be too long-lasting here on the west side.

  6. When we traveled with four bikes in our Honda CR-V, Barry rigged up a piece of plywood with four front-wheel mounts The bikes went in alternating back to front, front to back. With pedals off he got four bikes (two road, two MTN) in just half the back space of the Honda, leaving the other half for our suitcases, food, gear, and even Paisley in her wire kennel. It was quite a feat of engineering, but that's how we traveled all over the US, pre-RV. It was packed up to the roof, though. Looks like you'll have plenty of space for your two bikes, and I totally get storing them in your car; we never bought a rear rack either, mostly for security, but weather was occasionally an issue as well. Safe travels!

  7. Glad that you got it all sorted out and fit. I never thought of garbage bags like that but you're right. When we travel I always have one garbage bag for dirty laundry so that when we get home, I just have to take the garbage bag into the laundry room and I can start the laundry before I unpack.

  8. I'm an old lady who has often wondered, often with swear words on both ends, why parts are torqued on! Today is was medicine bottle caps. Who the hell do they think are using this stuff, toddlers?