Monday, November 28, 2022

A Delayed Thanksgiving After Action Report

Thanksgiving was good - but I think we're done doing that.  It was a limited menu, but I felt like all we did was wash dishes all day.  Actually Jim washed and I dried.  The stuffing was good.   This year I used the entire pan of cornbread along with  half of the bag of store bought bread cubes.  I still can't tell if using stock rather than just plain water makes a difference.  Jim spatchcocked a five pound chicken.  We had the grill too hot, both sides were, shall we say, blackened.  When the chicken came off of the grill, it was viewed with some dismay.  However, after pulling off the skin, it was tender and not dried out, and we ate it all over three days.  There was also the obligatory walk up the hill on the day of the turkey.

The day after T-day I turned 70.  I can't believe I wrote that sentence, but I did.  It was also the 5th anniversary of my brother's death.  I can't believe I wrote that sentence, either.  Five years has gone by like it was nothing.

Not much has been going on here.  We've been obsessing over whether we want to tow a cargo trailer to Tucson or not.  Right now not is winning.  Mainstream media has a habit of reporting crime stats as way worse than they are.  If you read what they are printing, NYC is nothing but a smoking hole of anarchy, shooting and violence.  Actually red states have more crime.  Anyway, it does seep into one's psyche, and one wonders if the trailer will be broken into, stolen or ransacked.  Probably not, but the bikes are irreplaceable due to supply chain issues.  At this point, we think we're putting the bikes in the car for sure, and if we can't get the rest of our crap in there, said crap will ride in the cargo van.  Remember, we're going from very cold to hopefully warm for two months, doing two sports all of which require their own clothes and shoes.  It adds up.

Jim has the Christmas tree up.  This is all we're doing since we are leaving on the 28th of December.  That's the one we used in the RV.

 Last night we had an interesting sunset.  The light was a golden pinkish color, and it was lightly snowing.

This started in the morning today.  We were up and out after one cup of coffee heading to the grocery store.  We had to go to Winco since they carry the chicken brand we like, as well as Del Real Mexican food.  Then it was off to Safeway for canned stuff and bread, we hate the Winco bread.  The forecast is for snow every day for the next ten days.  Hopefully they will be as wrong as they usually are, but you never know.

On the way back from the store we saw turkeys.  I do wonder if their feet get cold.

Well, it's time to take the wheels off of Jim's bike and see how we can wedge it in to the car.  Wish us luck, I hate taking the back wheel off a bike.

Later:  Crappity crap.  The front wheel through axles on both bikes are over tightened.  The allen wrench is turning in the end of the through axle and making the most terrible noise.  We quit, we're taking it to the shop where we got Jim's bike and get them to get the wheel off.  If it gets totally screwed up, I want it to be their fault.  There was no reason to tighten those things as much as they are.  The back wheels are fine.  First law of Project Management,  everything takes longer than you think it will.


  1. I think they're better at predicting snow on the east side than they are on the west. This is what they say...convergence zone...blah blah. I'm considering not doing a tree this year. I'm not sure anyone will be coming to my house for Xmas anyway and it's a lot of work for just me.

  2. Where we get accurate weather , Don Day .
    Two months of glorious warmth I hope. It got very cold overnight. Ewww.
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Good luck with the bikes. That IS annoying about the over-tightened wheels. I imagine turkeys are designed to tolerate snow. :)

  4. You can't get a bike rack for the back of the car and just bring the bikes inside at night wherever you are staying?


  6. Happy belated birthday. I'm sure it isn't easy with the memory of the loss of your brother.
    Good luck with the bikes!

  7. Happy Day After Thanksgiving, alternatively known as Happy Birthday! Turning 70 is much better than the alternative, so enjoy! Where will you be staying in Tucson for Jan/Feb? It's still fairly chilly down there isn't it - although certainly not as cold as where you sit today. Have safe travels, whether or not you tow and enjoy your old state.

  8. Your brother died on your birthday? What horrible luck; I am so sorry. It feels like each five-year period goes faster than the one before, and this is a scary thing. I would never have guessed you were turning 70; you have stayed fit and healthy, and that's inspirational.
    I envy you heading to sunny Tucson for a bit. Even though NC has a milder winter than Spokane, we still have a lot of chilly, overcast, gloomy days. Cycling in Tucson and soaking up some brilliant blue skies would seem to be a wonderful antidote.