Thursday, December 1, 2022


Welp, the talking weather heads got the snow forecast right, yesterday we actually did get eight inches of snow.  The neighbors say it hasn't done this for quite some time, this much all at once.  


During the previous snow, the landscaping company dumped most of the snow from our cul de sac into our front yard.  This is not how it's supposed to work.  They either pile it up in the middle of the cul de sac, so the garbage trucks can get around the pile, or they put it in the purpose made swales. They don't put it on people's grass, until they did.  After two failed attempts with weed burners to get the first pile melted, it was discovered that a pick axe would break the ice into small enough chunks to shovel into the street.   Jim has put out orange cones and reflectors, signalling this is not where snow should be put.

Instead, they put it in the neighbors' yards.

They're also blocking drive ways with piles of snow.  There is much unhappiness with this piling of snow.  I do realize this is a first world problem, but we're paying these people for a service that we are not getting.  If there's too much snow to put in the swales or the cul de sacs, they should be hauling it out of here.  Because we're an HOA, the city doesn't do stuff for us.

Today there was snow shoeing.  It was 32F, heavy cloud deck, zero sun.  I wore my gray v-neck capilene under my 3/4 zip capilene with my Lands End polar fleece.  That part was good.  I should have worn my ear bra under my hat, and used the mittens instead of the gloves.  With the mittens I can get the hand warmers (chemical heat) under my fingers, which wards off the stinging/burning feeling caused by lack of blood flow to the extremities. I just hate the mittens, can't do anything with them on.

A closer examination of the weather in Missoula, Montana reveals that they're having lows around 4F.  This has changed the packing paradigm significantly.  I had planned to leave many things in the car on the way down, like two months worth of contact lenses.  They're individually packaged with saline, and they'll probably freeze, expand, and exit their containers.  So any fluids we're taking will have to be brought in to the hotel room at night, which is something I did not want to do.  For once, I would not like to look like the Beverly Hillbillies when checking in to a hotel.  That was the beauty of the RV, things stayed warm at night.

Kanye West did a three hour interview with Alex Jones today.  During the interview he said that Hitler had some good points in his favor.  Ye's brand should be irretrievably broken at this point, but the republicans have had nothing to say on that subject, or the fact that the orange man-baby had dinner with Kanye (anti-semite), Nick Fuentes (anti-semite, woman hater, hater of POC), and Milo Yiannopoulos  (pedophile).  There does not seem to be a low to which they will not stoop.

So, that is what I have to say about things.


  1. The weather in your neighborhood is just plain horrid- here's an idea- why don't y'all go south for a couple of months! Brilliant! I hope that you do not get snowed in before that happens.

  2. That is a LOT of snow. Where I live we got about half that but it's already melted off the roads. I had never thought about the issues of where to put excess snow; however, even I would know NOT to dump it in people's yards and driveways. It's barely December and it's already so cold and wintry. I hope it doesn't continue this way. :( Every time I believe that the GOP has finally reached a new low, they find another way to disgust and appall me.

  3. We always look like the Beverly Hillbillies when moving into our hotel room. We don't travel light and then there's the dogs and their crap as well.

    I imagine trump can still go lower, while he's alive there's always hope that he can hit a new low. That man's no quitter:)

  4. Goodness that is a lot of snow at once. I do hope the issues with the landscaping Co can be resolved.
    I wear a pair of mittens over a pair of gloves. That way I can remove a mitt when needed and not freeze my hand.
    Read this morning the Twitter is shutting down Kanye's account. Little good that will do.

  5. "Ear bra" -- I've never heard that term! Doesn't salt water freeze at a much lower temperature? Maybe the saline would be fine. (I have no real clue about that, though.)

    The very fact that "Ye" agreed to appear on Alex Jones says all we need to know. And did you see what he was wearing?!

  6. Ugh. Do not like snow. Especially 8 inches and a landscape company that thinks it's fine to dump it in your yard.

    Did you see Miss Lindsey sitting next to Walker who looked like he was trying his best to comprehend what was being said as Graham shouts "this man will change the Republican Party" at a rally?

    1. Yep, we saw that, amazing how low Miss Lindsey will go, no bottom for that dude......

  7. That is a LOT of snow and you are a brave one for going out in it. I'm freezing when the temp drops to 55 but, admittedly, I'm a bit of a wimp.
    Why is Alex Jones still on the air. Shouldn't he be locked up?