Friday, July 23, 2021

Packing and Rain

Holy crapoli do my feet hurt as well as my back.  Packing is hard work.  The question still remains, after two major down sizings, and living in an RV for eleven years, how the heck do we have this much STUFF? 

It's been raining.  Today it started at 2:45 am with a lot of thunder and rain.  A fair amount of debris has washed up onto the rocks that line the front yard and go up to the street.  This is the miracle of rain in the desert.  The wash had been looking black, literally.  There were few leaves, it just looked like it had been burned.  After a few days of rain we have this.

If you look mid photo you can see where one of the agave plant spikes has fallen down.  There was a lot of wind, and it's gone over.  The birds will miss sitting there.

We've had some pretty good clouds lately.  This was a pink sunset, pink every where.

This one sort of looked like the end of days.

Other than putting things in boxes, we don't have much to say for ourselves. I haven't left the house in two days.  I need to get out some!


  1. Taking a breather will help the packing.
    I have moved over thirty doesn't get any easier and you still gather Stuff!!

  2. yay for rain! the desert is an amazing can go from dry and sere to lush and green in a matter of days. we humans are pack rats I guess. can't help ourselves.

  3. The sunsets are beautiful, and seeing those green leaves return must be refreshing. Too bad about the agave, but the bird will find a new perch!

  4. Will you miss the pink sunsets? When do you actually move?

    1. I am going to miss the unobstructed view of the western sky. It's pretty special. We pick up the moving truck August 15, if things go according to plan.

  5. Moving is just plain stressful no matter how much stuff we have. There truly is nothing like an AZ sunset. The desert is so beautiful when it gets rain but I wish all the flooding was done. Hope you got put of the house for a break.

  6. I'm glad AZ is finally getting some rain, but have seen headlines that there is now flooding. Seems like Mother Nature either gives too little or too much of everything!

  7. Packing IS very hard work. Unpacking a little more like opening xmas presents. And, it is alarmingly easy to accumulate stuff.

  8. Packing for a Major Move is a lot of Work and yes, how do we accumulate so much stuff?!?!?!?!? Seems I'm perpetually Downsizing and at the present rate I'll have to become an immortal in order to reach Just Enough and Goal. *Le Sigh* Moving is so stressful... we did it last February and I'm still unpacking!