Friday, July 2, 2021

It Rained

Welp, it rained.  It could have rained longer, but it was an active, fast moving storm.  We got wet at Safeway running to the car, and then when we headed for the house, there was lightning and thunder.  Pretty cool.  It did drop the temperature, but it's even more humid.

This was at 7 am yesterday.  There were a lot of clouds, so we did not expect rain.  There needs to be sun heating the dirt to bring up the storms.  We were mistaken!

Later there was this on the cell phones.  Floods and dust storms - it's versatile weather.

This is a good service for the citizens.  When we were in South Carolina, we got alerts for tornadoes.  News you can use.

It's really localized rain.  You can see the edge of the downpour.

So that's it!  That's all I've got. It rained some.

Update to post:  Actually it rained a LOT up north.  KOLD has an article up about what people saw, including land spouts and flying sheds.  It's worth a look (no paywall).


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got some rain. Good news...

  2. That last shot is fabulous. Mother nature is pissed right now.

  3. Happy dance that you got some rain. But it could have rained without causing damage.

  4. I get the feeling it's raining everywhere right now.

  5. I hope it was reasonably adequate. And I hope it happens again.

  6. It's Raining like Hell right now in Phoenix and the Teen Grandchild was out Dancing in it! *LOL* Of coarse it began to Flood quickly... but we need this Rain after such a prolonged drought, so no complaints here.

  7. Ahhh - raining mud - dust blowing with rain.