Thursday, July 29, 2021

More on the Landslide

This morning we awoke to a very thick cloud layer.  We also had running water!  Yay! One of the local news outlets had an article up about how important it was not to go anywhere near the recent slide area because the ground is unstable.  We waffled a little about whether or not we wanted to hike up there, but in the end decided the cloud cover would probably make the hike less hot than if the sun was out, and really - you just have to go.  So we did. 

The most startling thing about the debris field is the fact that the giant boulders were bouncing as the slope of the hill leveled off.  There is a lot of destruction of vegetation.  If you look uphill from where the boulder landed, you can see another crater it dug on its way down.

The boulder - Jim is there for size comparison.

That was a good size palo verde trunk that was snapped off.

Other boulders that came down.

This is where the landslide stopped. There is more devastation uphill, but it was hot, it was uphill so we went home.  There was packing to be done.

Today just sucked!  We have an out door table with a piece of glass in it that's about 39.5 x 28 inches.  We bought a mirror box for it that come in four pieces that you assemble and tape together.  The box is 3.5 inches deep.  The styrofoam corners we bought for the glass were 4 inches deep.  So, we took the styrofoam outside with serrated knives and whittled them down to 3.5 inches.  The strap that was supposed to tighten up the corners didn't work, so we ended up taping them on.  Box assembly was painful and tedious.  However, it's over now.  Then we emptied drawers which made five medium boxes that are very heavy.  Hopefully we have left enough clothing out to make it through.

This most recent Monday we were supposed to get loan status for the buyers.  We have heard exactly nothing on the subject.  It may be that they are converting their offer to cash since their buyers sold their house and have given them money.  If this house sale falls through I think my head will explode. 

As it stands now, we pick up the moving truck and car transporter on 8/15.  The guys that load the truck will be here the morning of 8/16.  We decided not to plan on leaving town on the 16th because we didn't know how long it would take to load the truck, get the jeep on the transporter, get the transporter attached to the truck and etc.  Plus, we'll need to clean some on the way out of the house.  We should make it to Spokane early enough on the 20th that we can go in and figure out where furniture goes.  

The new house will be interesting.  When we lived in RVs, we were basically in a rectangular box.  The house we're currently in is pretty much the same.  Kitchen flows into eating area which flows into living area.  Bedrooms are off to the side, but most of our time is in the box.  The new house has rooms.  Rooms will be weird.  It was weird when we moved here because Jim would be out of my line of sight which he wasn't in an RV.  Now in Spokane he could even be on a different floor.  Maybe we'll use walkie-talkies to communicate.

So, that was today.  A short hike and packing.


  1. Good luck with the packing up, we found that its a good time to review what you have and what you really need. There can be some good advantages of being able to go to a different floor and stairs area good form of exercise anyway.

  2. So glad you have water. That boulder would have squashed anyone in its path. Not sure how you guys have the energy to hike and then go home to pack. It is stressful but everything will work out.

  3. what a day! The boulders are impressive- and gravity! I am glad that you are moving to the north. ROOMS, boxes within boxes, i do prefer your present layout. We have rooms- I am a quiet person so am always surprising Dennis by coming around the corner or just being in the same room with him- he jumps a lot.

  4. Well, I'm glad you got a look at the slide zone. It's sad to see all that demolished vegetation, but I guess that's what happens in nature. Fingers crossed for your house sale -- I hope you hear something soon!

  5. I know packing up a house sucks, but I continue to live vicariously the excitement of moving to a whole new state and setting up your lives anew. Such an adventure. I have hiking poles like yours. I use them to stay upright on New York City streets!

  6. I know what you mean about losing the husband! When we were at the lake, the cottage was small, but there was so much outside around it that I'd constantly be looking for him. He'd go in one door and I'd go out the other! We've already talked about getting an intercom between the "new" house and the rv garage! Still attached at the hip after 51 years! Looking forward to seeing you when you arrive! Keep in touch and we'll bring you dinner!

  7. That landslide is a mess. Although the loss of vegetation is lamentable, I suppose this situation has occurred countless times over the millennia.
    I chuckle at the walkie talkies. I bet you figure it out without them.

  8. There is a lake near Jasper called Medicine Lake. A mountain fell down at one point and the boulders there are huge. The lake itself is 7km long so you don't realize how large the boulders are until you're right next to them. Apparently the rock slides happened during a glacial period but it looks like it happened not so long ago.

    Good luck with the packing and hope the move goes well.

  9. I'd be on the phone to the realtor to find out what was going on. I guess you'll be moving regardless but it would be nice not to have to think about this house after you leave.

    and of course you had to go get a closer look at the landslide.