Tuesday, July 6, 2021

First World Problems

Well yesterday was the day from the 7th Circle 0f Hell.  Jim's laptop battery had entered the stage of the death spiral wherein it had to be on power all of the time.  It quit charging.  So we took it in to the computer repair place for a remove and replace of the battery.  Between the two of us, we've had a total of 5 battery replacements, yesterday was Jim's third.  Up until now, they've been non-events.  Yesterday, Microsoft decided that it needed to remove all of Jim's files, cookies and cache, and bookmarks.  The documents file was eventually found in a weird place on the hard drive.  Using mozilla help we were able to locate the file that holds the bookmarks, but we're not smart enough to get Firefox to use it.  It was a very aggravating day.  The important thing was the restoration of the giant file with all of our passwords, and the spreadsheets that record every ride since 2008.  So, now we're relogging in to the papers, Youtube, twitter and facebook.  It's just tedious.  Losing the bookmarks is extremely tedious.  So, keep those backups current!

It looks like monsoon is over for awhile.  Now we're in the low hundreds with humidity.  I don't think July is much of an improvement over June thus far.

The two days of rain we did get have convinced the ocotillo to put out leaves.  It's nice to see them green instead of looking dead.

The palo verdes are making seed pods.  The local squirrel is eating them.

We're seeing a lot of this in between the pavers and the flagstones.  It sort of looks like ants, but when you spray nothing comes running out like ants usually do.  It's a mystery.

Behold the beauty of the agave parryi.  I had him up against the wall on the west side of the house, so he was getting sun all day until about 3 pm, as well as reflected light and heat from the wall.  His leaves closed up and he started turning yellow.  Since he's been in the shade of the palm trees he is much happier.

Other than this, my friends, I have zippity doo-dah all to say.


  1. Rain changes the desert. Too bad it wasn't also the solution to computer failure.

  2. After last week's heat, I realize I couldn't live in a desert. I wish I understood my computer, fortunately, my husband does.

  3. how on earth does changing out a battery affect what's on the hard drive? I think I would have marched myself back and told them to put it all back thank you very much. I used to go to the desert (Big Bend) 4 times a year when I was doing the river guide thing and I do miss it. hope you get more rain. it rains here nearly eery day, sometime a lot sometime just a little, sprinkly right now. for the last decade or more we've had mostly drought during the summer.

  4. Sorry about all the computer issues. Technology! But I'm glad the agave has recovered and it does indeed look happy in that new position.