Friday, July 9, 2021

A Miracle is Occurring

 My laptop has been pretty functional today.  Disk usage is normal, internal memory seems a little high (47%) given that it's not doing much of anything.  Operating temperatures are good, the fan is not running - so hey!  Maybe it straightened itself out.  I did delete a bunch of stuff, ran a defrag and then got all set to do a check disk, but the laptop told me things were fine and I didn't have to do that.  So, we'll see. 

I like the idea of a Mac, and their reliability, and the fact that their user base is small and so they're not attractive to hackers, but I just don't know if I can make the leap.  I've been on Microsoft since 1984.  There is a lot of muscle memory baked in to my hands.  My first calculator was RPN, reverse Polish notation.  Instead of keying in number operator number =, you key in number number operator and that's it.  Long formulas are really easy that way.  Anyway, it rewired my brain and I can't really use a normal calculator anymore. So, there is fear of not making the leap.

But enough of that.  Today we have closed on a house in Spokane, WA.  Today, also, we had the house photographer out in Tucson to document this house, which goes up on MLS tomorrow.  We're the only house in the neighborhood currently for sale, so we're hoping it will go quickly.  We're both having simultaneous cases of  "what have we done?" but it's time.  The heat here has just gotten to be too much.  This winter will be a La Nina winter, so there will be very little rain once again.  Every time WAPO does an article about the drought in the west we flinch a little, but hopefully some people aren't well informed.

This is where we are moving to.  It's in the north west quadrant of Spokane, we are near mountain bike trails.  We'll probably have to drive to them, but it's not insurmountable.  There is also a paved bike trail between Coeur d'Alene and Spokane.  So, there is stuff to do.

We talked to Jim's son the other night, and he did inform us that we will be needing a snow blower unless we want to shovel.  I think we will take the snow blower.  We're going to have to buy shoes.  Everything we own has a mesh top and rain goes right through them.

So, that's what we have been doing with ourselves, buying and (hopefully) selling real estate.


  1. Amazing! Did I miss an earlier mention that you're moving several states north? I love that you're both free spirited enough to do that! Yes, get a snowblower. Life begins anew! Exciting!

    1. Nope! I haven't discussed it because it has been such a fraught process. The real estate market is very similar to The Hunger Games.

  2. Back to Washington state where the governor is a decent man though Spokane is chock full of republicans, It is always something. The temperature will keep you alive!
    I switched to a MAC and I love it- user friendly and dependable. Dennis is stubbornly hanging on to his PC and Windows and he is paying the price. He uses my computer a lot. His computer always wants something....

  3. Well, congratulations! It looks like a lovely house.

  4. Congratulations on the new house and good luck with the move.

  5. Oh, my goodness. Real estate. Yes, fraught. Echoing everyone else and wishing you the best of luck. So excited for you! I traveled through Spokane a few years ago and found it a lovely locale.

    Computers. Mac vs. PC: You can do it. I too had only ever used PCs... for personal use, the list counted an IBM PS2 Model 80, and later an Aptiva, then a Toshiba laptop, and for work, IBM mainframes, and built PCs, i.e., the old 8088s running DOS, oh, and for personal, even a little Commodore C128 before the PS2 (b/c I be old). About three years ago, my workplace made the shift to Macs, and I've now used pretty much the gamut of Apple gear: Mini, MacBook Pro, iPad w/stylus, and iPhone. I knew nothing about the platform, an utter novice! While not an expert, I have now reached a level of comfort and am fairly adept with the devices. And I like them. It's like any language; you become facile over time. The keyboard: Your hands will become accustomed to the different keyboard commands. That does take a bit of concerted effort, but not much, mostly due to, as you note, the years of muscle memory, but you can do it. Just a bit of rewiring in the brain.

    I still have a PC (Lenovo laptop) for personal use as I've found it's good to keep up with the Windows world and when my 12-year old Toshiba finally called it quits, I needed to buy something that wasn't super expensive, and Apple is. But I'd be happy to own a Mac of my own too, and I hope to one day.

  6. Good to hear that your computer is behaving! My daughter is a graphic designer and has always used Macs..I use Ubuntu Linux, as it's shareware and free!
    That looks a positive move for you..hope all goes well

  7. Wow! I totally understand your frustration with Arid-zona summers and politics. You can go down south during winter if you need a desert fix. Congrats, you are going "home."

  8. Wow! A big change! Exciting and scary too, I'm sure. I didn't realize you were thinking so seriously about moving. Aren't you going to miss the cacti and your bougainvillea?!

  9. Big change - oven to refrigerator. I don't envy you the move - packing and going across the known universe - giant steps.

  10. WOW! You've kept us all in the dark, although I think I did hear rustlings about Spokane when we were making "the move" to Arizona. We're up here now, it's a beautiful place for sure. Although, while we've been here it's been in the high 90's low 100's so I hope your new place has airconditioning!
    I hope we'll cross paths in Spokane, we'll be spending lots of time here summers!

  11. so did you buy this house sight unseen, only through pics or did you make a visit up? your new house looks good, from the outside anyway. it's getting hotter and hotter here and I know eventually the great migration will start northward but all my family is here and I doubt I could round them all up and get them to move with me. and then there is the matter of snow.

    I think the move to a Mac would easier than you think.

  12. Well, blow me down! I am shocked, but not surprised. Congrats, you two! (If you get too cold, there's always the option for a 5th wheel on an SKP lot in Benson!)

  13. Wow, congratulations! You really did keep this move on the down low. I do understand it, though. As much as I love Tucson, it is bloody hot for a lot of the year, and coupled with the insanity of politics in AZ, I completely get it. We rode that bike path when we visited the Pacific NW back in the summer of 2014 -- loved it. Spokane looked nice, though we simply pedaled through and back, didn't stay there.

    As for Mac vs. PC, I am just like you. Have been cutting my teeth on PCs since my very first PCjr, which our company subsidized the purchase of. No hard drive, just big ole 5.25" floppies! Those were the days. I can't really change because my folks have PCs, and I am their dedicated support person, so I have to keep my skills somewhat fresh. I must admit that I am not as knowledgeable now as I was ten years ago, but I am still very capable of googling to figure things out, which my folks are past the point of being able to do. When something goes wrong, they just throw up their hands and call me! Best of luck with your move! Looking forward to seeing more of Spokane through your eyes!

  14. You have my congratulations and well thought through for the move. As much as the crazy politics in AZ, I worry about the heat and water. Yes, the west is running out of water, too. Those reservoirs have run at 20 and 30 percent capacity for years. I fear all the underground water is gone, gone, gone.
    I think the Mac transition would be fairly easy. Remember the switch from Lotus to Excel. From WordPro or whatever it was back then to Word. It can't be much worse.

  15. I'm not sure what to say. I'm still shocked. But I am excited for you. The temperatures down there are unbearable. They arent real good up here but we at least stay in the 90s most of the time. The house looks beautiful but your cacti are so going to miss you. Hope the house sells quickly.