Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cranky in Tucson

I am cranky.  Why? you ask.  Because we have no running water.  Apparently a contractor (they always blame the contractors) broke a 6 inch water main.  That happened around 2:30, it's 5:30 now.  The Tucson Water Department can't locate the proper valve with which to turn off the water that is currently running out of the break.  Fortunately, it's going into a conveniently located storm drain.  However, we rode this morning, packed all day and I would really like to take a shower!  First world problems, don't you know.  We're currently discussing how to best prepare dinner with no running water.  Since I was a pandemic hoarder, I have enough hand sanitizer for 40 people, so we don't have to worry about touching raw meat and giving ourselves food poisoning.

The bougainvillea sulked all during June.  I watered it a lot, but apparently it wasn't that water it wanted.  Since we've had rain, it has grown like crazy and bloomed a lot.

We all continue to be amazed by the slide.  We see people stopping to take photos, or just standing in their drive ways looking at it.  These are taken from different angles.

This is our neighbor's rig.  He really loves driving the tractor and towing the 5th wheel.  It's a big 5th wheel, and it's elderly so I suspect it's heavy.  His tow vehicle is more than up to the task.

For tooling about town, there is this vehicle.  One drives it off on ramps.  They are heading out fairly soon.

So, that's all I've got.  No water and no ecd for when it will be fixed.

Update to post at 6:56 pm.  "Crew on site turning multiple valves to isolate main to start repairs."  That's from the water department's outage page.  That translates as "we have no clue" where the valve to shut off the water is."

Update to post at 9:07 pm.  Still turning valves.

Update to post the next morning.  Around 9:30 pm they started repairs, water was back on at 1:00 am this morning.  At present the water department is calling Jim to see if everything is ok.



  1. Interestingly that on your neighbours rig the tow car has an Irish E.U. plate.

  2. I certainly hope you have water this morning. Its so yucky when you are hot, sticky, and smelly and you can't take a shower. Your plant is certainly in its happy place right now. Beautiful. I've seen rigs the size of your neighbors but have no desire to be driving around the country in one.

  3. Well, I'm glad they got that ironed out! How hard can it be to locate the proper valve? You'd think there must be a diagram somewhere.

    That is quite a rig! I'd be nervous driving something that big! I like the little yellow street car, though.

  4. Gawd. You leaving soon? Soon enough?

  5. amazing how long it takes the water department to figure out which valve to close. don't they have a map or something? glad you have water back on. I believe I'd have gotten takeout for dinner.

  6. Your no water situation took me back to's definitely not fun to lose water, especially when one is hot and sweaty! In the US, it's expecially unexpected. In Mexico, not so much.