Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Laptop is Dying

Things are bad.  I'm doing this on my phone, which is also bad. There may be no posting for awhile.  It is so annoying. 

So - my laptop has come back to life briefly.  The primary theory here is that we're both really down level on Windows software and it's making both laptops behave in bizarre fashions.  Also, the tech guys on the phone think my hard drive is sick due to the fact that it goes to 100% utilization when it's just sitting there.

Anyway, it's always something and it's always bad and expensive.


  1. I'm an apple user. always have been. don't have a laptop but my desktop is at least 12 years old and doing fine. Apple/Macs are expensive but I bet I've spent less on my iMac than my daughter has on all her PC laptops in the same amount of time. I'd have to just give up if I had to post from my phone.

  2. I love my Mac. It's now 9 years old and going strong. I've hardly had a problem, and the one time that I did, the youngsters at the genius bar at the Apple store quickly discerned and fixed the problem. I had all sorts of trouble when I used a PC, crashes, blue screens, viruses, the works. Now I am an Apple user with the zeal of a true convert.

  3. Sure am sorry to hear this, and right after Jim's laptop meltdown. What are the odds?

  4. I wonder what I'll do if my PC ever craps out. Knock wood.
    Good luck demystifying your problem.