Sunday, May 24, 2020

Hot and a New Plant

Greetings Earthlings.  Check out this weather forecast.  Friday will 108!  I can't believe it's this hot this early.  It'll probably be 120 by July.  I think we're going to move the rowing machine into the master bedroom.  There is a mini split air conditioner in there, and it's an extremely efficient cooling device.

The agave flower spike was covered in bees this morning.  There was a hummingbird trying to zip in and feed, but the bees wouldn't let her.  If you look to the right of the flowers, you can see a couple of bees.

Friday we felt like we had to go somewhere, anywhere.  So we went to Home Depot.  Jim wanted more gravel to go around the air conditioning unit that was disturbed when the parapets were re-done.  I got a plant.  We spent all of our time outside in the garden department, where there were very few people, so it did not feel too life threatening.  It's an agave paryi.  It's small, and they're slow growing, so he went in a pot.  The geranium and gerbera daisy did not perform, so they went over the side awhile ago, thus freeing up a pot.

So cute.

This afternoon after repotting, Jim discovered this depression at the base of a palm tree.  It looks like a wallow, but it's a small wallow.  Javelinas make small ponds when they wallow, so I don't know what did this.

I've seen a priest before in the news shooting parishioners with a squirt gun filled with holy water during drive by church events.  I guess the practice has moved into the baptismal.

The front page of the New York Times today. Each person got a five or six word obituary.  It's just heartbreaking to contemplate the losses and the families that have been affected.

Our commander in chief spent the day retweeting insults and slurs against Speaker of the House Pelosi, former Secretary of State Clinton and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.  He also suggested again that Joe Scarborough had something to do with the death of his aide.  He's calling for re-opening the case which was closed by the coroner.  After ordering the governors to re-open churches, I thought for sure he'd be heading out for services.  Guess not.


  1. I dont envy you that heat, I would have to stay indoors.

  2. Lucky you!! It's going to be 108 here on Wednesday!!! I see those "wallows" a lot. At my place, it's the bunnies digging down for some cool dirt to lay in. The quail seem to do it also. Nice plant!!!!!! You're going to have the nicest back yard on the block!

  3. That last line made me laugh out loud! I hadn't heard that temperature forecast until I read you blog post. I just looked....111 predicted on Friday up here. Yikes!

  4. As much as I loved living in AZ, I do not miss the dryness or the heat!

  5. the demand to open churches was lip service for his cult members. he's the senond coming you know so he doesn't need to go to church.
    cute little cactus.

  6. I had to laugh at that squirt gun photo! No, Trump only worships at the church of golf. What Ellen Abbott said; he was simply placating the evangelicals. He couldn't be more hypocritical, could he? Not to mention that he often tweeted when Obama dared to play golf. Projecting much? I love your new little plant and do not envy you the heat at all. Even though it's a dry heat, just no.

  7. Trump at a church service! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Isn't it bizarre how the Repubs are STILL so obsessed about Hillary Clinton?! She's still their scapegoat, even though she's been out of public office for more than seven years. I just do not get it -- how they're so single-mindedly devoted to the idea that she, of all people, is evil incarnate.

    That squirt gun idea is pretty brilliant, actually, though I'm sure the kid hates it.