Friday, May 8, 2020

Men on the Roof and Murder Hornets

Ho Hum.  Up at dawn (not really), out the door for the 10 miles, and usually back for a nap.  The nap takes a little pain out of the early get up.  But no - not today, not for the next ten days or so.  The parapet guys have arrived.  Between the feet on the roof and the pounding and grinding noises, there will be no nap for us.  Quelle domage.

Clouds moved in late afternoon yesterday, after a full day of excessive heat warnings.  Today it's over cast, which we are enjoying.  The guys on the roof probably are, as well.

This is a saguaro we've been observing on the ride, he's finally started to bloom.

The flower spike in the neighbor's yard is not doing anything.  None of those little buds have opened.  I guess it's still gathering strength.

This was on twitter yesterday or the day before.  I checked Snopes to see if it's real and it got the green check mark of truth.  Apparently these are queens.  In Whatcom County (where Bellingham is in WA), the department of agriculture is setting traps for them.  Bees really don't need any more bad news.

Here is bee humor.

Our dentist's office is reopening.  Jim gets to go Monday, I don't have an appointment yet.  We both have been practicing good dental hygiene, not knowing when the professionals could get in there.


  1. I've read about those hornets but, that photo you posted is just plain scary. They are huge. I love the one with the bees preparing themselves.

  2. Yes, my hand is small (but slightly larger than yellow guy's) and thinking about a hornet across my palm gives me shivers. That saguaro is just lovely.

  3. I love that saguaro with it's crown of flowers. I have a new crown sitting in my dentist's office. I could have gone in at the beginning of the stay at home plan before they closed the next week but I declined. now I regret that because I'm even less inclined to have someone digging around in my mouth now though they haven't reopened yet.

  4. I love saguaro flowers - make those cactus look a bit frivolous.

  5. Love the cactus with a crown of fleurs. And the bees preparing for the onslaught of the murder hornets is brilliant! Where did you find that image? I need to share it on Facebook - had not seen it.