Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Neighborhood Here and Out There

Good grief.  Watching video clips of the police in various locales clubbing protestors, or throwing them on the ground and punching them in the head, or shooting pepper bullets at news crews while they are filming, or shooting a photographer in the eye, permanently blinding her has given me a lump in the throat that will not go down.  Barr has already decided that the looters are from the far left, despite the facebook pages of white supremicists calling for their ilk to come to Minneapolis and "get their loot on."  It's too bad Zuckerberg is not a human being, he could take those pages down.  Oh wait, he's dead.

I don't have the intestinal fortitude to rehash the day, I'm sure you've all seen enough of it.  Instead, I'm going to default to an inane post with little emotion behind it.

We had clouds yesterday as well.  There was a suboptimal sunset.

This afternoon it clouded up again, there was wind and rolling thunder.  It's so hot and dry very little rain made it to the ground.  It evaporates in the air.

This is on our bank, close to where the other plant spike is.  I don't remember seeing it before today.  Their growth rate is amazing.  It's always sad to know it will kill the plant.

I'm pretty sure this is a Hooded Oriole.  From the back, he could be a Yellow-headed Blackbird, but they like swampy areas which this definitely is not.  It's a crappy picture, not enough lens and the wind was whipping the branches around.

These are Tarantula Hawks feeding on the plant next door.  There were four of them.  Their sting is supposed to be the most painful of any creature on the earth.  Their reproductive strategy is to lay a single egg into a living tarantula, the egg hatches and consumes the tarantula.  It's gruesome to contemplate.

Did you see this photo today?  Look at his face.  I would really like to see the video leading up to this, but I haven't been able to find it.

In other news, Space X was able to lift off today, and everyone survived.  It's quite an accomplishment for Elon Musk and NASA. 


  1. Allison try this

  2. Hard to say what's scarier to me a tarantula, or the tarantula hawk. That's some harsh fauna you have out there.
    And speaking of scary life forms, shaking hands bad, no masks good?

  3. I have to admit I don't shake hands, nor do I wear a mask, but I do stay at least six feet away from people. I read that something like 80% of the people protesting were not from there (how do they know), and most wore the same shirts and masks, making it look like it was a scheduled riot. Is that true? I haven't seen anything since. I do find it interesting that many of the political posts are censured by Facebook. I thought it was supposed to be a public forum, but they have taken it upon themselves to decide who is right and wrong. Apparently Twitter is doing the same. I would rather decide for myself with a little investigation.

  4. whoa, you'd think that officer was handing him a rattlesnake.

    I don't know about the tarantula hawk having the worst sting. I got stung by a velvet ant (wingless wasp also called cow killer) and I can only be grateful that apparently it didn't give me the full dose considering the pictures I saw on-line. it took at least six weeks to fully heal as it was.

  5. I think they are exchanging pleasantries on not being encumbered with masks and gloves. I think we're all in overload, as in I threw up in my mouth as gross teens used to say. Enough. I'm out of here.