Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Another Day in This Life

We ventured out today, two watches needed batteries.  We saw this agave blooming next to a parking lot in a strip of gravel covered dirt.  They're tenacious.  See the hummingbird off to the left?  He was feeding alone, no bees disputing territory.  We wanted to go to Home Depot, but they're limiting how many people can be in the store.  There was quite a line to get in, and since it was close to 100 degrees we decided to forego.

This happened today.  It was due in August, but the death count is here, now.

This also happened.  Mr. George Floyd, who was handcuffed, died because the police put a knee on his neck, cutting off his blood supply and air.  Four officers have been fired.  I hope they will be charged with murder.

From the "karma's a bitch" department, Amy Cooper, who called the police claiming an African American man was attacking her in Central Park has lost her job and her dog. Christian Cooper (no relation) was bird watching and asked her to please put her dog on a leash.  Rather than just obeying the on leash area rules she had to pretend to be in distress and call for help. 

The orange man has again been tweeting about mail in ballots being voter fraud.  Twitter finally fact checked him and put a link to sources saying it's not true.  He's still tormenting the family of Lori Klausutis by tweeting that Joe Scarborough had something to do with her death.  He widower asked him to stop, but he refuses.  The cruelty is just barbaric.

Welcome to life and death in America.


  1. Did you watch that poor dog in that Amy Cooper video? She was slinging him around by the neck like he was a prop. You could hear him choking in the audio! I was so glad to hear the rescue group reclaimed the dog.

    That "Take a Knee" caption says it all...

    1. I did. It's good that they reclaimed him, he needs a better home.

  2. I saw both those videos and my outrage and sadness was beyond belief. They killed Mr. Floyd. That's murder. And the idiot woman deserved to be fired. Racist, stupid and cruel. Bet her Mom and Dad are proud of her now. I'm still upset. Trying to keep my blood pressure under control. 😁

  3. I'm a little suspicious of the number of deaths. Colorado's governor already said his numbers were about 25% overstated because they counted gunshot wounds, alcohol poisoning and other deaths not related to the virus. I rather imagine every state's numbers are not really correct since they get extra money for every death they report as virus related. It's sad no matter how you look at it.
    I hope that gal and the men who caused his death go to prison ... they deserve it!!

  4. and I read she is banned from Central Park but who knows if that is true and how could they enforce it anyway. the four officers were fired when they should have been arrested. as for the virus deaths, Nancy's comment aside, they have probably been underreported since deaths at home of untested people and in nursing homes aren't counted or so I read.

    love the agaves.

  5. I would be amazed if those officers are prosecuted, given the "blue line" mentality of much of law enforcement (and some of the public) in America. But it would be nice to see. Justice should take its course.

    Love the agave and the hummingbird!

  6. These stories are all horrifying. What has come of our country?

  7. It will be interesting to see how Minneapolis plays out. 'Nuff said there.
    I watched Ms. Cooper nearly strangling her dog while trying to evoke "Take a knee" justice for Mr. Cooper. When I read she lost her job over it, I thought it a good, unadjudicated outcome. Like her original thought, but bloodless. Interestingly, a dog lover friend thought it too harsh. I do commend Mr. Cooper, for denouncing the fools calling her with death threats.