Saturday, May 16, 2020

Packages and Fabric

Well!  Yesterday and today have seen a plethora of packages arriving on our doorstep.  Yesterday my new three cup measuring cup arrived.  It's three cups, with markings in ounces and liters.  It had a giant label glued on it which said it was a three cup measuring cup with markings in ounces and liters.  The paper half of the label soaked off, the glue did not.  Jim finally got the goof-off out and removed the glue this morning, but not before I took an abrasive sponge to it in a fit of pique and scratched the crap out of it.  I didn't mess up the markings so it's all good, I'm taking it as an object lesson to be a little bit more patient with things that are really pissing me off.

Today we received the 55 yards of elastic I ordered April 3.  I think it really did come from China.  The pulse oximeter I ordered April 21 arrived as well, as did the shampoo I ordered yesterday.  The pulse oximeter was interesting, I got various messages saying it was delayed, then it was lost, then the track package button disappeared from the Amazon page.  Then it showed up.  I think their software is buckling under the strain of the pandemic.  So, I'm ready to make some more masks with elastic over the ears and check my oxygen saturation should I become ill.

I've read that if sats drop to 95 you should call an ambulance.  I question that because I was at that level for a week with pneumonia.  I didn't feel great, but I'm not sure it was an ambulance quality event.  When you should go to the hospital would be news we could all use.

When we disposed of most of our stuff, I let myself keep what ever fabric I could get in one box.  It was a good sized box.  So I have a lot of flannel (I used to make crib quilts), a collection of greens that I have no idea what I was planning to do with, and my batiks.  Although it just kills me to cut up my fabric, I think I'm using the lightly dyed batiks for summer masks.  The flannel lined ones are good, but they're hot.

I love the fish.  Love them!

I think I planned to do water color quilts with the batiks.  I can't actually remember, that all happened in 2007.  The fish pattern at the top might find its way into a wall hanging.  These all have too much dye in them to make good masks, they're sort of stiff.

Last night was a special night.  Under the cover of darkness Pompeo conspired with the orange man to remove the State Department Inspector General.  Mr. Linick had opened an investigation into Mr. and Mrs. Pompeo's use of staff to run personal errands for them.  Mrs. Pompeo is a "volunteer" to the State Department and has her own office and staff.  How delightful for her.  We are so doomed.  If he doesn't get voted out in November I can not even imagine what the next four years will be like.

 So, here we are and here we be. 


  1. Did you watch Obama’s commencement address to 2020 high school graduates last night. It was painful to recall when we had a true president. Your fabrics are lovely. I worry day and night that the election in November will once again be stolen.

  2. We too are having lost/delayed Amazon packages.

    Love the batiks. Perhaps multiple washings would make them pliable enough for masks?

  3. I've had to get refunds for several Amazon shipments. Two weeks later, they suddenly showed up at my house. Those that said ten days took fifteen. It's hard to be patient!! LOVE your fabric!!

  4. I don't know if the entire republican party is compromised but all the elected republican politicians certainly are. they not only let him get away with this stuff, they facilitate it for him. if Trump and the republicans get another four years we will no longer be a democracy at the end and there will be no end.

    love those batik fabrics. are you going to sell those masks you make?

    1. Nah, I sew very slowly. We wanted a few extra to keep in the car.

  5. That fabric is going to make some great looking masks.

  6. Those batik's will make some striking masks. I admire you folks who can keep your noses above water in this damn, fetid political atmosphere. I listen to Obama and wonder if reason ever will return.

  7. That batik fabric is fantastic! I love the fish, too.

  8. Beautiful fabric. I don't think I could use the batik for face masks though.