Monday, May 18, 2020

More of Political Sameness

The agave flowers in the neighbors' yard are starting to open up.  If you look at the one on the left you can see flower parts peeking up.  It seems like it's taking forever.

What do I want to remember about this day?  The orange man says he's taking hydroxychloroquine.  I wonder how many other people will take it and develop long QT syndrome.  He, of course, will take zero responsibility for that.

Doctors who warn against hydroxychloroquine are probably Democrats.  Is that a bonkers statement or what?  Many Republican doctors are also on record as saying don't do it.

There was some speculation that maybe they're giving him Pez, or M&Ms.

It should be noted that IG Steve Linick, was investigating Pompeo and the orange man for phonying up the emergency requirement to sell Saudi Arabia all those weapons so they could bomb Yemen back into the stone age.  Obstruction of justice much?  Pompeo says he didn't know he was under investigation.  These guys are such terrible liars.

States are opening up their economies.  The governor of Georgia had to fess up that their charts showing the number of cases had been presented so that the stacked graphs showed a downward trend.  The dates, however, were not in numerical order.  Bad chartsmanship, bad.  Texas is also seeing a trend up.

This has been circulating on Twitter for awhile.  It struck me as appropriate for the current clamor for shopping and manicures.

Vanity Fair did an article about how the virus loads would drop significantly if people would just wear a damn mask when they're out and about.  I can't comment on the validity of their simulation software, but it seems reasonable.  And really, how hard is it to wear a mask to the grocery store?

We rode this morning, it was very pleasant except for the little black bugs.  They're some sort of a gnat.  The internet doesn't seem to know of their existence so I can't find out when they're all going to die.  It can not be soon enough.  They make a bee line for the insides of one's ears.  Very annoying. The wind came up shortly after we got home.  There have been formidable gusts in the afternoon.  It's like standing in a convection oven.


  1. My blood pressure is not doing well if I listen to the news. And very few folks down here are wearing masks. We are definitely in the minority. So we do our best to stay alive.

  2. No see-ums. Those gnats are horrible. I don't believe anything I see on the news any more. They all lie, or distort the truth in their direction, doesn't matter WHICH side you are on. It's crazy. I would rather listen to doctors from Stanford or some other noteworthy University. They have a tad bit more credibility.

  3. Here in the foothills of Colorado we call those annoying little SOB's Trump Children. No, wait, that was the auto fill-in on my computer. We call them juniper gnats or cactus gnats. We always go outside with a couple of cotton balls for plugging ears. They haven't appeared around here yet, but when they do, they linger for most of the summer.

  4. Trump and Pompeo have their own little Iran-Contra thing going. my god, they are so corrupt. and the Republican Senate does nothing. and maybe Trump is doing us a favor (if he is actually taking hydroxychloroquine) if it gives him a heart attack. regardless, that White House doctor should have his license revoked. I want to know when he's going to start injecting UV light and drinking clorox cocktails.

  5. I read some threads on Quora this morning that suggested that Trump may have just said he is taking hydroxychloroquine off the top of his head to get a reaction and is not taking it at all. We all know he lies every time he breathes, so it's certainly a possibility. Another commenter noted that his doctor may be giving him sugar pills and telling him it is hydroxychloroquine, just to appease him in his idiocy. Either of these could be true. If he is really taking it, what could possibly go wrong? (Evil grin.)

  6. I'll look at that mask article. Most people here in the UK are not wearing them, and in fact the government hasn't asked us to. I think Trump must have a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine.

  7. You just cant make this sh*t up. I read from someone that Trump's statement about taking hydroxychloroquine is an effort to hijack the news cycle away from Pompeo and the firing of the IG. Ergo, evidence that there's a lot of there, there.

  8. The mask issue is driving me nuts. Maybe we could promote mask wearing as a way to keep gnats out of our mouths.