Sunday, May 3, 2020

Nattering and a Mask Explainer

I was up and out at 7:30 in the morning today.  That's unheard of for me.  Jim didn't go, he chose sleep.  Sleep is good, I'm pretty tired this afternoon.  We had planned to get up at oh:dark:thirty to go to Fry's to grocery shop tomorrow morning, but we ended up doing a pickup at Safeway today.  We got 95% of what we ordered, with one unfortunate substitution, but overall still better than going into a store.  Cases in Arizona, while not huge, are climbing.  We're never going to get the community pool opened again.

The flower spike down the street is not doing much.  I would have thought there would have been opening of flowers, at least on the bottom rungs, but nope, not yet.

If I remember correctly (hah!), this is the last of the series of steenking yellow blooming trees.  See those things that look like yellow caterpillars?  They're pollen bombs.

We've had a lot of wildlife on the patio.  There are a bunch of small birds who come and peck along the bottoms of the sliding glass doors.  Occasionally they will peck on the glass.  Today we had a visiting lizard climb up the screen on one of the sliders.  He hung out for awhile, and then walked down and away.

Round two of the steenking yellow trees, the always lovely Foothills Palo Verde.

I saw this on twitter today and thought it was an excellent explainer on why one should wear a mask.

So there you have it, mask wearing explained.


  1. There seem to be pollen bombs everywhere. It's no better in my neck of the woods where I'm getting pollen warnings on my phone!! Interestingly enough, you cannot order groceries online here for pickup except at Walmart. No one even uses that feature. They all just go inside.

  2. Love the mask explanation. It makes perfect sense. Everyone should read it.

  3. Well, for certain, everybody should wear trousers! And masks too of course.

  4. first time I've seen this meme but my husband described it to me. surely this will sink into the dumbest heads.

    I have to go to Lowe's which I am loathe to do but the guys can't finish the buildout without light fixtures and a small vanity. think I'll break out one of my few N95 masks.

  5. Yes, that sign does explain it well.....and with a bit of humor.