Monday, May 27, 2019

The Sad Agaves

It was really windy yesterday, there were big gusts coming through all afternoon.  It was hard on the agaves.  This poor plant hit the deck.

They don't have that much of a root system to support the flower spike.  There's a lot of weight aloft.

This is a big one over by the community center.  Things are not looking good for it.

Same plant different angle.

The ground is cracking, the roots will be out soon if the winds don't die down.

We've been riding the mountain bikes in the morning, it's pleasantly cool (although breezy) but there are no bugs since we're moving faster.  We rode up a jeep road into the Boy Scouts' Campground.  There are dirt roads and campgrounds that are extremely rustic.  I'm not sure when it's open, it's too hot now.

This is an agave in a newer neighborhood that's still standing.

This is a really cool picture taken north of Seattle.  They had some major thunder and lightning.  Notice the lenticular clouds foreground.

That's it, sad agaves and a lot of wind.


  1. That plant is not considering its fate, just like...
    I'm tired, analogies aren't working tonight. I'm going to bed. Great lightening picture, by the way.

  2. That last agave is glorious though. Yellow against blue.

  3. Gorgeous flowers on that agave! Don't they die after flowering anyway? Maybe that's nature's way of getting those seeds in the ground ... by falling over. I do hate to see them go however. Cool lightning!!

  4. so sad the agaves are getting blown over just when they bloom. you'd think they would have a stronger root system being so top heavy when they do bloom.

  5. It's got to be hard on those plants to send up such a large flower spike!

  6. The yellow-flowered agave photo is stunning!