Thursday, May 16, 2019

Palm Trees and Agaves

I think about writing about the current administration, the cruelty of lunch shaming, and perhaps how gerrymandering is bringing the US policies that 3/4 of the population doesn't want, but so far, I don't do it.  It's been hot.  Yesterday hit 98 and it felt so much hotter than the last time it was 98.  It wasn't humid, so one wonders why.  Coming out of the gym at 4 pm was like walking into an oven.  Today was cooler, but the wind is just ferocious.

We were up and early for a longish hilly hike.  There are no pictures because the bugs were so bad.  Every time we stopped they swarmed us.  The wind did not come up until after we were back.

Here is a queen palm getting bashed about.

One of the big palms is blooming.  Last year it showered the decorative boulder with little black ovoids.  I'm not sure if they're stunted dates or what.  Look at the thing sticking out to the left, that's one of the flower spikes.

There is an agave, different than the one we had, that has put forth the mother of all flower spikes.  We had the kind that is in the foreground.  The blooming plant is a different species.

Look at this!  I guess all of the yellow things will eventually open.  We will keep it under surveillance.

This house has two Muscat gates.  There is also one just in front of their door.  It's very similar to ours except for they painted them.

Here is a very funny cat video.  It's a hairless cat, which is why it looks like that.  It's only 5 seconds, so it should not take up too much bandwidth.

That's it - that's all I've got.


  1. It's like my fingers are too heavy and my brain too muddled to put out what I think and feel about 45.
    That wind is amazing, and that gate moreso.

  2. You agave is fabulous!! And that gate ... it's very nice, as are yours. I know the wind of which you speak. It's been bad here too. Hopefully I'll get back on the road to home. I'd rather have heat than snow!!

  3. You and Sharon from Phoenix Daily Photo are both writing about agaves today! That really IS an impressive flower spike. We used to have a queen palm at our house in Florida, and every year it dropped a load of dates all over the lawn -- they were like bullets when we mowed!

  4. I log on to the news or social media and can't even get through 5 minutes of it. every day is more horrible. I flee to the solace of my yard and gardens.

    it can get windy here too, maybe not quite that bad unless it's a storm or hurricane but windy enough to make you go indoors after a short while.

  5. I always thought when it was windy in AZ, it felt like standing inside a hairdryer set on hot. As for the state of politics - I'm just not reading it right now - makes me despair for the country.