Monday, May 13, 2019

A Place Holder Post

I need to take my previous post down.  So as not to screw up everybody's blog roll that updates automatically, here is a cute picture.  He's a captive bred desert tortoise taking a nap on a cool tile floor while he waits for dinner.


  1. Awwww - cute. I've had sliders (water turtles) but always thought I needed a tortoise.

  2. Is it your pet? I cannot fathom taking on that sort of responsibility. If it is your pet, I would love to read posts about it; how he came to you and where he will go in due time, assuming he is of a long lived variety.

    1. No! Not my pet, found that picture on a desert tortoise forum.

  3. Very cute! (Although I'm curious what I missed in your previous post...)

  4. Since I was visiting family in the US, I am weeks behind on blogs and am now getting caught up. I was able to read the entirety of your previous post in my blog reader (The Old Reader). Not sure why you had to take it down unless you were worried about libel issues with a contractor you mentioned. Anyway, I found it fascinating and awful and a shame that that agave couldn't have been pressed into making some fine tequila! :)