Sunday, May 5, 2019

Bugs and the RV

I really expected that rattlesnakes would be the end of hiking season.  What I did not anticipate was that it would be bugs.  There are hundreds of little black gnat like things that follow us, landing on our shoulders and when we stop they're all over our legs.  It's like a horror movie.  I went back through old April and May hiking posts and the subject never came up.  So, it's unknown if they're local to the area across the street from the house, or if it was because of the prodigious rains we had and they're everywhere.  When the wind is up, they're not a problem, but wind generally starts about one in the afternoon, and by then it's too hot to be hiking.  It will be interesting to see if this is an aberration, or a normal thing.

Deer are a scourge upon the neighborhood.  It's not even dry yet, and they're already in the yards snacking on the landscape.  I firmly expect to come back in the fall and find my citrus trees gnawed upon.  These two are standing next to the road that accesses the neighborhood.  They are unconcerned by our presence.

We went up to check on the RV today.  We were happy to see that the passenger side bedroom slide had not been creeping out, as it had done.  Also making us happy is the fact that the toilet is once again holding water.  These are really good things.

Afterwards we went to Costco so Jim could get his new glasses adjusted.  They're making grooves in his head.  I bought two pairs of  "skinny boyfriend jeans."   I hate them, they're going back.  It's a complete mystery to me how women's clothing is being designed.  Nothing fits me anymore.  I need a pair of denim shorts for climbing over the wall.  After getting one leg over, I have to balance on the edge and get the other one over, then there is a butt scoot onto the bank.  Denim would be better than cotton shorts for that, as well as sitting on the rocks.  So far, I am batting zero.  Costco was having its weekly festival of meat.  Look at these things, they're rib eye steaks.  They look like something Fred Flintstone would eat. 

There is precious little to report.  We're waiting for the driveway guys to come mid-May.  After they're done we will be heading north towards less toasty temperatures and hopefully fewer little black bugs.

We did have a little bit of a sunset; but not nearly as good as in the winter.


  1. I can't seem to find jeans either. I think they make them for overseas women ... skinny, flat butt and no hips. My those steaks look pretty awesome.

  2. Blue jeans for women that fit are the hardest thing on earth to find. I wore men's Levi's 501s for years because I could buy them by waist and length, they sat on my hips, and I didn't care how baggy they were. womens jeans wanted to cinch my waist and were always 4 - 6 inches too long because they expect us all to wear stiletto heels I guess. I'm glad there aren't any deer in my part of town. our summer bugs are starting to wake up...gnats and chiggers but so far no mosquitos to speak of.

  3. Jeans are a total mystery. I've worn Gloria Vanderbilts for so many years I now buy them on line. I stopped to read some reviews a few years ago, and someone complained they bag in the butt and legs. Someone else answered, Of course they do. If you don't want them to bag, get skinny jeans. That pretty much unlocked the great jean mystery for me.

    1. Well this is news I can use! I think I'm going to order one of everything in three different sizes from Zappos.

  4. I have had good luck with LL Bean for jeans. I wear petites, and their skinny jeans with just a bit of stretch fit me well. But everyone is so different, and I got lucky when I found that Beans work for me, since I hate having to go shopping and actually try things on! Good luck in your search.