Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Seeds and Birds

This is something I have not seen in the nine winters we have spent in Tucson.  The trichocereus bloomed, and then it made seed pods.  All the other flowers we've seen have just dried up and fallen off.  This plant is setting seed.  How cool is that?

Look pretty much dead center.  See the eye?  It's a baby dove.  He's in a terrible dove nest made of twigs, in the arms of a cactus.  One wonders how mom gets in there to deliver chow.

This is a terrible picture of a Northern Cardinal.  He would not hold still long enough for the camera to focus on him.

More Oriole.

More doves.

Summer's back!  We're supposed to have triple digits by the weekend.  However, given that we're not in Kansas, I will not be complaining about the temperatures.


  1. Actually, maybe that's a good dove nest. It would be hard for predators to get in there!

  2. Worst nest builders ever!!! I think that's probably why they grow so fast. They need to get out before it falls apart. Great pictures!!

  3. Oh, no, another baby bird saga. Hope this one has a happier ending!
    It's been unseasonably cool in ABQ the past two weeks since we arrived. Like you said, anything is better than the weather in Kansas.

  4. our temperature range for today is 87 - 74, humidity a dry 54%. I will complain though, I don't care that others are getting it worse. well, I do care but it won't stop me from complaining. this high of a low, the tomatoes will stop setting fruit. the plants will keep growing though.

  5. These pictures are beautiful, even if the damn cardinal wouldn't sit still!

  6. We enjoy the white-winged doves here in the Yucatan as well. Love the photo of the baby and am hoping for his survival!